Coronavirus New York: boy who survived a mysterious illness was greeted at home by first responders who saved his life


NEW YORK CITY (WABC) – An 8-year-old boy who survived a mysterious pediatric illness was greeted at home by some of the first responders who helped save his life; Jayden Hardowar clearly had no idea what that was the big deal, but for his family and neighbors, and the first responders who were lined up on the sidewalk on Tuesday – the fact that he was going home was the best news they could get.

“Two weeks ago we didn’t think it was happening, we were worried,” said his father. “I want to thank you, thank you guys. “

At the end of last month, firefighter Tom Gonzalez with the FDNY 294 engine pushed the button which shocked Jayden.

“After what has happened in the past few months, seeing someone come back and continue their life is an incredible thing,” said Gonzalez.

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Just a few weeks ago, Jayden was ill and suffering from an alarming and mysterious disease known as pediatric multisystem inflammatory disease, which is somehow linked to COVID-19.

Doctors say they think the presentation is an abnormal, aggressive immune response to COVID exposure.

New cases emerge daily in at least 13 states. In New York, there are approximately 100 cases to date and three have been fatal.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said that this was a truly disturbing situation.

Jayden’s case started with a fever for several days before his heart stopped. Her brother gave her CPR in front of the police, then the firefighters were able to arrive.

Gonzalez, who has his own 8-year-old son, has returned to celebrate life.

“It’s just crazy over there, people used the word apocalyptic at the epicenter of this, but to see a good thing happen, it makes you feel really good inside,” said Gonzalez.


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