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Actress Miriam Margolyes has launched more than 240 complaints to Ofcom after saying she “wanted Boris Johnson to die” of the coronavirus in a controversial appearance on Channel 4’s The Last Leg.

The broadcast watchdog has yet to open an investigation into comments by BAFTA winner Harry Potter star that aired on Friday in the humorous talk show.

Asked by host Adam Hills, how she thought the government had responded to coronavirus, Margolyes said the pandemic was managed “in an appalling manner” and admitted that she “had a hard time not wanting Boris Johnson pass away “.

She added, “I wanted him to die. Then I thought it would hurt me a lot, and I don’t want to be the kind of person who wants people to die. So I wanted him to improve, what he did, he improved. ”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks outside Downing Street after recovering from coronavirus disease (COVID-19), London, Great Britain, April 27, 2020. REUTERS / John Sibley
Boris Johnson returned to Downing Street late last month after recovering from coronavirus

Margolyes had logged into the distance program just over a week after Mr. Johnson returned to Downing Street after his convalescence. COVID-19[female[feminine.

The Prime Minister spent a week in the hospital with persistent symptoms of the virus last month, including a number of days in intensive care, then spent two weeks recovering from his Checkers Country retreat.

After leaving St Thomas Hospital in London, Johnson said there were “No way” that the NHS saved his life and admitted that at one point, “things could have gone both ways.”

Boris Johnson spent the night in intensive care
Prime Minister spent several nights in intensive care

Ofcom said it had received 241 complaints about Margolyes’ appearance in The Last Leg, adding: “We are assessing the complaints against our broadcast rules, but we have not yet decided whether to investigate or not.”

Regular panelists, including comedian Josh Widdicombe, seemed dumbfounded by the comments, which were widely condemned on social media.

Among those who called Margolyes was Piers Morgan, who described his comments as “disgusting,” although other viewers, angry at the government’s response to the coronavirus, praised the 78-year-old woman for her honesty. .

Margolyes was a outspoken critic of the government beyond handling the current health crisis, and endorsed the leader of the then Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, before the general elections last December.

After two weeks of returning to Downing Street, Johnson began to describe how the UK could recover from COVID-19, although his new guidelines on the relaxation of parts of the confinement were labeled “unclear”.

He is expected to try to clarify the changed measures, for example by encouraging those who cannot work from home to return to work, when he meets with members of the House of Commons later.


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