Coronavirus: long queues as McDonald’s reopens driving services


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Media captionReopening of McDonald’s Driving Service Reverses Chelmsford

Huge queues formed outside McDonald’s branches when the fast food giant reopened some of its services in the UK.

French fries fans fell as the hamburger chain returned to service in 33 locations in England, mainly in the east and south-east, and six in Dublin.

A motorcyclist who captured images from a camera dash line in Chelmsford, Essex, said he thought there was a road closure.

The company said the test sites were close to its distribution centers.

Its outlets offered a limited menu via their take-out hatches and orders were capped at £ 25 per vehicle.

Customers were warned that the service “would not be as fast as you are used to” and asked visitors to be “patient and supportive” to the staff.

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Media captionThere was a long line of vehicles queuing for reopened driving service in Sutton (images courtesy of @WillGav)

A ticket on the UK company Twitter account said it would close the driving lanes if the queues became too long and caused disruption.

However, hour-long queues outside branches in London, Essex and Watford have been reported.

The Peterborough Telegraph also reported that police were called to a branch in the city to “help with traffic in the area”.

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There were long queues at Watford when its branch opened

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Staff received masks and service windows were covered with plastic screens

Similar scenes were observed when McDonald’s closed its doors to customers on March 23, when the United Kingdom was locked out.

Upon reopening, the company said that workers would have their temperatures controlled and the number of workers on site would be reduced to maintain social distance.

The photos show plastic screens covering service windows and staff wearing face masks when serving customers.

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