Coronavirus LIVE updates: UK lockdown will be eased starting Monday, says Boris Johnson


Wrap-up – Prime Minister tests his target

Boris Johnson has set a new target of 200,000 daily coronavirus tests, saying he “bitterly” regrets the Covid-19 crisis in nursing homes and expressed frustration over problems with the supply of protective equipment individual (PPE).

In his first questions to the Prime Minister since his recovery from the coronavirus and the birth of his son Wilfred, Johnson said his “ambition” was that the new test goal would be reached by the end of the month.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

His appearance at Commons came before a speech on Sunday where he should make plans to ease the foreclosure, with ministers hinting that cafes may be able to reopen during the summer months if they can provide outdoor facilities.

Johnson first confronted Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer in the Commons and was challenged by accusations that the government had been slow to respond to the epidemic, leaving the UK the largest death toll in Europe.

The government reached its goal of 100,000 tests per day by the end of April, but failed to maintain this level in early May.

Johnson said “the ambition is clearly to earn up to 200,000 a day by the end of this month and then go even higher.”

A “fantastic test regime” will be essential to the UK’s long-term economic recovery, he said.

the break out of the lock will use a testing, tracking and tracing program to quickly identify new cases of coronavirus and prevent the spread of infection.


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