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Key developments in the global coronavirus epidemic today include:

Prime Minister’s aide says he doesn’t regret breaking the lock

Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s chief of staff, admitted to driving around 400 kilometers from his home during the UK foreclosure, but insisted that he acted reasonably. In a rare public statement from an unelected councilor in the No. 10 garden, he said he felt he was entitled to do so under government rules because he needed child care . He said he could understand his anger, but he did not regret the decision.

In a lengthy statement that largely confirmed Guardian and Mirror reports that the government had repeatedly tried to disparage, Cummings said he made a 60-mile round trip with his wife and child to test his vision before to embark on the longest period. back to London.

He said that after being informed that he was allowed to return to work on the property in the north of England where he had gone to isolate himself, he felt that he needed a test because he was not well. Cummings said he did not offer to resign for his actions.

Meanwhile, police have confirmed that they have received more complaints about Cummings from members of the public.

Restaurants, bars and cafes reopen in Greece

Greece has taken a new step towards normalcy by restoring ferry links to the islands and allowing the reopening of restaurants, cafes and bars.

These measures, designed to revive the country’s tourism industry before the reopening of seasonal hotels on June 15, follow almost three months of forced closure thanks to the coronavirus. In central Athens, cafes started filling up early in the morning. The waiters wore face covers, and in some places hand sanitizers were visible on the tables.

Spain removes quarantines for foreign arrivals

Spain will lift its quarantine requirement for people entering the country from July 1, the government has announced. Currently, overseas travelers are required to undergo 14 days self-isolation upon arrival. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said on Saturday that the country would reopen to tourists from July.

Italy reports least new cases of coronavirus since early March

Italy reported the death of an additional 92 people, the lowest daily count since early March. This brought the total death toll to 32,877.

New infections increased by 300, from 531 on Sunday, with no new cases recorded in five regions – Bolzano, Umbria, Calabria, Molise and Basilicata.

Senior scientist defends Swedish approach

The best Swedish epidemiologist, Anders Tegnell, had defended his country’s outbreak control strategy when the number of people who died after catching the virus exceeded 4,000.

Critics have accused the Swedish authorities of playing with the lives of citizens by not imposing strict measures on staying at home. Mortality rates from viruses have been much higher than from Sweden’s northern neighbors, who introduced blockages, but still lower than those from countries like Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Global cases exceed 5.4 m

There have been 5,449,135 confirmed cases worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University tracker. The official death toll stands at 345,721.


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