Coronavirus: Koreatown-based company ordered to stop advertising radish paste


A judge granted an injunction on Wednesday prohibiting a nutritional supplement store in Koreatown from charging radish paste as a treatment capable of warding off the new coronavirus.

The Los Angeles city attorney’s office had prosecuted Insan Healing and its founder, Angela K. Oh, alleging that it had violated state laws that prohibit false advertising. Insan Healing presented its radish paste – a mixture of “white radish harvested during the frost”, garlic and ginger – as an “immune boost to your lungs” and an “essential product for protection and prevention COVID-19 ”. Frank Capetillo, an investigator from the city attorney’s office, said in an affidavit filed in court.

The paste costs $ 99.95 per jar, according to the Insan Healing website, which has since deleted all mention of the coronavirus and its infection.

“In this public health emergency, consumers have the right to accurate information,” said City Atty. Mike Feuer said when the complaint was filed. “Their lives can depend on it. “

Los Angeles Superior Court judge Terry Green granted the preliminary injunction on Wednesday. Feuer’s office had asked and prohibited Oh and his company from making “false or misleading statements” about the ability of radish paste to “diagnose, cure, alleviate, treat or prevent” the coronavirus or COVID-19.

Law enforcement officials and the Federal Trade Commission have warned consumers about questionable or outright fraudulent treatments of COVID-19, including colloidal silver treatments, which health officials say do nothing and can even harm your health.


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