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An officer was stripped of his gun and badge after a video of him punching a man went viral.

A New York City police officer was stripped of his gun and badge after video footage appeared to show him a violent escalation from a confrontation with passers-by that, police said, had started as a attempt to apply the rules of social distancing.

Police Commissioner Dermot F. Shea said that Constable Garcia was put on modified service while the Home Office was investigating the encounter, which occurred Saturday afternoon on D Avenue in the East Village in Manhattan.

“Certainly some tactics that I was not happy with,” said Shea on Monday evening.

Mayor Bill de Blasio wrote on Twitter On Sunday evening, he was “really upset” by the video and added, “The behavior I saw in this video is just not acceptable. “

Shea said that over the hottest weekend of the year so far, police have written more than 70 summonses for violating social distancing rules.

“In some areas, there were probably too many people, to be frank,” he said. “It is a great experience that we are living here. I’ve never really seen this before in a city of 8.6 million people trying to keep everyone inside. “

Speaking of police meetings with the public over the weekend, he said, “Overall, everything went well, but I think it’s something that you will see a lot of adjustments do because we are moving forward in terms of doing everything possible to keep people as far apart as possible. ”

Officer Garcia joined the department in 2012 and works at the Manhattan Housing Bureau, and the city has spent at least $ 182,500 to settle the lawsuits against him, according to a police prosecution database compiled by the Legal Aid Society .

The video of the meeting raised questions about whether the department applied the rules of social distancing unevenly.

Police said a man, Shakiem Brunson, was holding a bag of marijuana and had become aggressive toward the police, who decided to arrest him. While handcuffed, a woman, Ashley Serrano, attempted to intervene, police said, and was also arrested.

A third man, Donni Wright, “took up a fighting position” after being ordered to disperse, police said. Mr. Wright, 33, whom the video shows being hit and slapped by Constable Garcia, faces the most serious charge: assaulting a police officer.

Mr. Wright does not appear in the video for hitting Officer Garcia, who is not wearing gloves or a mask.

The governors of seven eastern states agree to coordinate the purchase of medical equipment.

A group of eastern states announced on Sunday that they will come together to purchase and allocate the massive amounts of personal protective equipment and medical supplies needed to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking at a joint virtual press conference, the governors of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Delaware said that by aggregating their orders, they expected to be able to buy from lower prices and better stabilize the supply chain.

“We are going to buy, as a consortium, P.P.E., medical equipment, ventilators, everything we need to buy,” said Cuomo.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Cuomo have warned residents to remain vigilant after a wave of warm weather hits New York this weekend.

During his Sunday briefing, de Blasio asked that New Yorkers continue to respect the restrictions and said any rebound in the cases would hamper efforts to reopen the economy.

“This would delay a restart and a recovery for a long time,” he said.

Governor Cuomo said on Sunday that the best way to thank essential workers for all they have done is to wear a mask and social distance.

“If you want to say thank you, make their lives easier by not getting sick,” he said.

Residents who had been locked inside on Saturday – especially after several rainy days this week – gathered in the parks of New York and New Jersey.

New York City police commissioner Dermot Shea said Sunday that 43 summons had been issued the day before in city parks and that eight others had been issued outside of the parks. He said the majority of the summons were about social estrangement.

Deaths drop in New York and New Jersey.

On Sunday, the governors of New York and New Jersey reported a drop in the number of deaths per day.

Governor Cuomo said that 280 more people died from the coronavirus in New York. That number was down from Saturday when the state reported 299 deaths, a slight aberration in what has been a steady downward trend since mid-April.

In New Jersey, Governor Philip D. Murphy reported that another 137 people were killed by the coronavirus, bringing the total number killed in the state to 7,871.

Daily death counts in New Jersey have fluctuated considerably over the past week. Health officials said this was due to the fact that the numbers reported on a given day included many older deaths newly classified as linked to the virus, and some days had far more “reclassified” deaths than other days.

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The reports were provided by Jonah Engel Bromwich, Sharon Otterman, Azi Paybarah and Ashley Southall.


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