Coronavirus in N.Y.C .: Latest updates


Weather situation: Bright and pleasant. High in the low 60s.

Parking on another side: Suspended until Sunday; resume Monday.

New York state health officials are currently investigating 100 cases of a rare and dangerous inflammatory syndrome that affects children and appears to be linked to the coronavirus, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo said on Tuesday.

More than half of the state syndrome cases – 57% – involved children between the ages of 5 and 14.

Also on Tuesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio said 52 cases of the syndrome, which has symptoms that overlap with those of toxic shock syndrome and Kawasaki disease had been reported in New York and 10 potential cases were under investigation.

“This is a truly disturbing situation,” Cuomo said in his daily press briefing. “And I know the parents of the state and the country are very concerned about this, and they should be.”

The number of people hospitalized in New York has continued to decline, said Cuomo, one of the main parameters officials are monitoring to assess whether the severity of the epidemic is decreasing.

The number of new daily hospitalizations fell close to what it was on March 19, just before Mr. Cuomo issued executive decrees closing much of the state.

“We are making real progress, there is no doubt about it,” said Cuomo. “But there is no doubt that this is not the time to become arrogant, not the time to become arrogant. “

The city’s tourism agency, NYC & Company, announced on Tuesday the creation of the Coalition for NYC Hospitality & Tourism Recovery. Among the group’s leaders: Lin-Manuel Miranda, the composer, lyricist and actor who created the musical “Hamilton”.

“It’s time to think about how we can start reopening our doors and reconnecting securely with our city and with each other, and with the visitors who will someday travel to New York,” said Charles Flateman, president of NYC. & Company and executive vice president of the Shubert organization, which owns several Broadway theaters.

Alan Feuer of The Times writes:

Seven weeks have passed since New York City, fleeing the coronavirus, installed a closed collective sign and locked itself in the strange, timeless bubble of closure. The crisis, no matter what the norm, has been costly: more than 19,000 New Yorkers have already lost their lives and tens, if not hundreds, thousands more have lost their livelihoods.

But the fabric of the city also suffered, as our attempts to stop the spread of disease infected the streets and subways, large public spaces and secret little corners with a sort of purulent vacuum. Social distance, for all its benefits, is a scourge for places like New York, devastating the hectic rhythms, cherished rituals and the millions of spontaneous interactions in which the city normally lives at the level of its cells.

With New Yorkers retiring from New York, it seemed appropriate to ask a few what they had missed most in their home as it was just a few months ago. Some have missed the big things: the daily tide of bodies swirling around the clock in the Grand Central Terminal. Some people missed the little things: the two-tone chime of a closing metro door.

“There is a complicated chemistry that the city uses while eight million people are going to live together,” said Ric Burns, the documentary filmmaker perhaps best known for his PBS series on New York. “It is an infinitely delicate pull-repulsion mechanism that helps us negotiate our density, and it has been suspended.”

It’s Wednesday – what are you missing?

Dear Diary:

Lapis Lazooli, poet and really,
A man with dubious talents.
He told me, last July, a glint in the eyes:
“What I’m going to tell you will throw you off balance. “

I admit that I was suspicious, bored, a little weary;
What was he cooking this time?
“I unlocked the puzzle, destigmatized the stigma;
And for the orange, I found a real rhyme. “

Now, it’s really not news that New Yorkers are schmooze,
We are verbal and vocal, talkative.
But at Coney Islond, we won’t be fooled,
“Give me a break, it’s fallacious. “

He pulled on his beard – it was worse than I feared –
And he whispered, his voice was a hiss:

“Neither Ogden, nor Parker, nor Stephen Sondheim,
Dared to attempt such a perilous rhyme.
Forget about Seuss’ cause, he knew he would be lost;
Not Wordsworth, not Shelley, not Shakespeare, not Frost;
Not Yeats, not one in this August mix,
Would never attempt a rhyme for or-anj. But I – ”

He then clears his throat trying not to gloat
(I did my best not to cringe).
“The word which is a rhyme, which is banal but sublime:
Orange – his companion is door hinge! ”

Door hinge?! Door hinge?!

Now, I’m not a yokel, I’m Brooklyn, I’m local,
Will never be deceived, teased or caught.
“Well, I’ll tell you, Lapis, this is nothing but shit,
You are cursed, you are mad, you are wrong! ”

” No!
You have no ear for fantasy, your knowledge is fragile,
Van Gogh was never able to sell his art.
Galileo was chased, Prometheus failed.
Now is the time, my friend, for us to separate. ”

Lapis Lazooli, a poet and really (well, makes it a kind of hack),
Said, ” silver is the following, I am neither defeated nor offended,
And Orange you’re glad I’m coming back. ”

– Lou Craft


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