Coronavirus: Gloomy job prospects for the “2020 corona class” | UK News


Youth unemployment in Britain could increase by 600,000 this year due to the coronavirus crisis and difficult job prospects for young people for years, according to a new report.

The Resolution Foundation study also warns that employment rates for graduates entering the job market will be 13% lower in three years.

He paints an even darker picture for low-skilled workers, predicting that their employment rates could drop by 37%.

“The 2020 corona class could face years of reduced wages and limited job prospects long after the current economic storm has ended, unless additional support is provided quickly,” said l report author Kathleen Henehan.

“The government must therefore work with educational service providers and businesses to do everything in their power to limit these long-term scarring effects.”

Matthew Lofthouse wants to work as a sports photographer
Matthew Lofthouse wants to work as a sports photographer

For students like Matthew Lofthouse, who hope to work as a sports photographer, 2020 turns into a perfect storm.

“I have always dreamed of going to the Olympics, so for me to see the sport stop in its tracks has been a huge setback,” said Matthew, a photojournalism student at the University of South Wales.

“I delivered my last class yesterday, but I don’t want to celebrate. I’ve worked so hard for the past three years in Cardiff, five years if you include college before that, gain work experience and build a portfolio.

“What can I do against a global pandemic? This is an event that only takes place in a century, I do my best to stay positive. “

Matthew has spent years building his portfolio
Matthew has spent years building his portfolio

Student leaders called on the government to take immediate action to address the impact of the virus on this year’s graduates.

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Robert Murtagh of the National Students Union said: “There has to be something in place to make sure that this crisis does not happen, that there is not a spike in unemployment.

“We know that students are worried about the economy. We are requesting that a grant be made available to school leavers so that they can continue their studies and develop themselves. “

Those who work also risk having their wages reduced. The report finds that a year after graduation, graduates’ wages are expected to be 7% lower and 9% and 19% lower for medium and low skilled workers.


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