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Updated: May 6, 2020 3:54 p.m. 31 s

Health officials escort elderly woman to hot sun after being tested for coronavirus at a wet market in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Tuesday, May 5, 2020. (AP)
Deaths from coronaviruses worldwide reached 2.57.454 on Wednesday and the number of infections rose to 3,667,165.

The United States continues to be at the top of the ranking of coronavirus infections and deaths, which stand at 12 044 475 and 71 078 respectively. In terms of number of deaths, it is followed by the United Kingdom (29 501), Italy (29,315), Spain (25,613) and France (25,538).

Meanwhile, an Italian medical company claimed to have developed a vaccine that neutralizes the new coronavirus in human cells. According to tests carried out at the Spallanzani hospital in Rome for infectious diseases, the vaccine contains antibodies produced by mice which act on human cells, reported the Italian news agency ANSA. ((Click here to follow Covid-19 LIVE updates)

Here are the developments on COVID-19 around the world:

Death toll in Iran reaches 6,418

Iran coronavirus death People in protective clothing attend the funeral of a deceased victim of the new coronavirus, in a cemetery on the outskirts of the city of Babol, in the north of Iran, on Thursday, April 30, 2020. (AP)
The death toll from the new coronavirus outbreak in Iran has increased by 78 in the past 24 hours to 6,418, the country’s health ministry said on Wednesday.

The total number of newly diagnosed cases of new coronavirus in Iran, one of the countries hardest hit by the epidemic in the Middle East, has now reached 1,011,650.

The United States has flattened the curve, now in the next stage of the battle: Trump

US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that the country has flattened the coronavirus curve and is now in the next stage of the battle, which is a “very safe gradual and gradual reopening.”
United States White House Coronavirus Trump On this May 1, 2020, archival photo, President Donald Trump chats with reporters as he leaves the White House in Washington. (AP)
“Thanks to the deep engagement of our citizens, we have flattened the curve and countless American lives have been saved. Our country is now in the next stage of the battle. A very safe, gradual and progressive reopening of our country, “he said.

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While the number of infections and cases is increasing across the country, there has been a sharp drop in new cases and deaths in the past week, prompting Trump to make the remarks.

Australia seeks to boost economy by July

As Australia begins to lift restrictions and ease restrictions, the government is looking for ways to reopen businesses as early as July.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison to discuss health protocols at national cabinet meeting Friday that could allow businesses to open in a “COVID-free environment”, government says closing costs economy $ 4 billion Australians ($ 2.6 billion) per week.

There would be three steps to relax restrictions on social distancing for the affected industries, cafes, restaurants and shops should be among the first to be able to reopen. Each state would evolve at its own pace with the common goal of restarting most of its economies by July.

Colombia extends lockout until May 25

Colombia’s mandatory quarantine will be extended by two weeks, with certain sectors being allowed to resume work, President Ivan Duque said on Tuesday.

“Between May 11 and May 25, we will be extending mandatory administrative segregation but reclaiming space for productive living,” said Duque.
A family peeks out of their house window before receiving boxes of free food during an lockout to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus in Bogota, Colombia, Monday, May 4, 2020. (AP)
Industrial sectors and sales of cars and other items can resume from May 11. Manufacturing and construction had already been allowed to resume work. Major events will still be banned, as will the opening of bars and clubs.

The Andean country, which has reported more than 8,600 confirmed cases, resulting in 378 deaths, began a national quarantine on March 24 and previously extended it twice. It was to end on Monday.

The Trump administration has begun talks on the removal of the White House task force on the coronavirus and the gradual delegation of its responsibilities to the responsible federal agencies, US Vice President Mike Pence said on Tuesday.
US states have enough coronavirus tests to follow reopening guidelines: Mike Pence Vice President Mike Pence talks about the coronavirus in the James Brady Press Room of the White House on Friday April 17, 2020 in Washington. (AP)
Speaking to reporters, the vice president said, “I think we are having conversations about this and about the opportune moment for the task force to complete its work and for the ongoing efforts that need to take place agency by agency.”

President Donald Trump confirmed the news by saying that the task force has done a “phenomenal job” and that the country is starting to open up “I think we are examining phase two and we are examining other phases”, a he added.

Head of the UN: disabled among the hardest hit by the virus

The UN chief said that one billion people with disabilities around the world were among the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in a video on Wednesday that the coronavirus crisis reveals the extent of the exclusion experienced by the most marginalized members of society.
COVID-19: “None of us is safe above all”: head of the UN; Nations pledge $ 8 billion for medical research The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres. (File / Reuters)
He said the pandemic is intensifying the inequalities that people with disabilities already face, including living in poverty and experiencing higher rates of violence, neglect and abuse, and is “producing new threats”.

UK launches trade negotiations with the United States

The United States and Britain launched formal free trade negotiations on Tuesday, with the goal of working quickly to reach an agreement that could counter the economic fallout from the pandemic.

The talks will take place virtually and will involve more than 300 British and American officials and officials in nearly 30 negotiating groups.

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and UK Trade Minister Liz Truss said in a joint statement, “We are going to start negotiations at an accelerated pace and we have committed the resources to progress at a rapid pace, a free trade agreement would contribute to the long-term health of our economies, which is of vital importance as we recover from the challenges posed by COVID-19. “

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Disney to reopen park in Shanghai

A Disneyland Resort visitor takes a picture through a locked door at the entrance to Disneyland. (Reuters)
Disney announced on Tuesday that it would reopen Shanghai Disneyland to a reduced number of visitors on May 11 after announcing a $ 1.4 billion drop in profits due to the coronavirus pandemic and the closure of theme parks in the whole world. The park would impose strict social distancing measures on the rides and restaurants.

It is still unclear when the other Disney parks in Asia, the United States and France will reopen, officials said.

In late January, the coronavirus started destroying companies in Disney’s global portfolio when the company closed Shanghai Disney Resort and Hong Kong Disneyland. In mid-March, all of the company’s theme parks were closed, cinemas fell into obscurity, and television and film production was suspended.

Brazil’s first big city declares foreclosure

São Luis, Brazil, became the first major city in the country to initiate a “lockout” against coronaviruses on Tuesday, a measure that highlights widespread fears that health services across Brazil may soon collapse under the pressure from the coronavirus pandemic.

The new foreclosure measures cover a total population of 1.3 million people in Sao Luis and parts of 3 other municipalities in the state of Maranhao. It allows you to go outside only for groceries, medicines and cleaning products.

But with 4,227 confirmed cases and 249 deaths, the poorest state in Brazil still faces a heavy workload.

Emmanuel Macron criticized for the reopening of schools in France

French President Emmanuel Macron has confirmed his intention to gradually reopen schools next week due to the concerns of mayors, teachers and parents over the timetable.

More than 300 mayors in the capital region, including the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, urged Macron in an open letter to delay the reopening of primary schools scheduled for next week. They denounced an unrealistic timetable for meeting the health and safety conditions required by the state, including classes capped at 15. The majority of French children attend public schools. Many parents say they will not send their children back to school.

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France begins to lift the detention measures on May 11 with companies to resume their activities and parents to return to work.

South Korea reports only 2 new cases, both imported

South Korea has reported two new cases of new coronavirus as its epidemic continues to slow.
Supporters of the ruling Democratic Party wearing masks to help protect themselves from the spread of the new coronavirus wave their hands during a campaign for the upcoming parliamentary elections in Seoul, South Korea, Tuesday April 14, 2020. (AP)
Prime Minister Chung Syekyun on Wednesday called for vigilance and instructed officials to prepare for a possible second wave of infections. He said it would be essential to prevent overwhelming hospitals in the densely populated Seoul metropolitan area.

As the country flattens its curve, softening of social distancing measures is observed. The republic is also preparing to reopen its schools and some of its sporting events. Figures released Wednesday by the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention brought the national total to 10,806 infections and 255 virus-related deaths. The KCDC said the two new cases were detected during screening at airports and that no new local transmission has been reported in cities in South Korea.

US Treasury to begin distributing money to relieve viruses to tribes

The US Treasury Department said on Tuesday that it would begin distributing billions of dollars to help tribes respond to and recover from the coronavirus pandemic more than a week after a congressional deadline and after being prosecuted for find out who was eligible for the money.

The $ 22 trillion federal bailout package approved in late March has set aside $ 8 billion for tribal governments. The money was supposed to be distributed on April 26, but the Treasury Department said it was trying to figure out how to do it.

Payments totaling $ 48 billion will go to the tribes over the next few days based on population.

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China reports 2 new cases, 20 new asymptomatic cases

China reported 2 new cases of coronavirus on May 5 and 20 new asymptomatic cases, data from the national health authority said on Wednesday. This compared to 1 new case of coronavirus and 15 new asymptomatic cases reported a day earlier.
People wearing protective masks to help curb the spread of the new coronavirus are walking by human sculptures displayed in front of an art gallery in Beijing, Tuesday April 28, 2020. (AP)
The total number of coronavirus cases in China now stands at 82,883, while the death toll has remained unchanged at 4,633, the National Health Commission said in a statement.

Israel’s main biological research institute IIBR has declared a “significant breakthrough” in the development of an antibody against the new coronavirus which can attack the virus and neutralize it in the bodies of those who contract it, the minister confirmed. Defense of the country, Naftali Bennett.

A statement released by Bennet’s office says that the Israeli Institute for Biological Research (IIBR), mandated to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus, has isolated an antibody “that attacks the virus monoclonally and can neutralize it in the bodies of sick ”.

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