Coronavirus: Five workers from Hinkley Point C tested positive for COVID-19, confirms EDF Energy


Five workers from Hinkley Point C have tested positive for coronavirus as work continues at the nuclear power plant.

Unite the Union shared a statement today (Tuesday, May 5) that individuals from different companies on the construction site had contracted COVID-19.

He reports that one person from Balfour Beatty, one for Bylor, two for Somerset Larder and one for G4S FM have tested positive for the coronavirus.

A Unite the Union spokesperson said the most recent case at the site near Bridgwater was Wednesday, April 29.

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He said: “All those identified as being at high risk of exposure have had their site access cards deactivated and have been fired for testing.

“Until the results of the negative tests are presented, they will not be allowed to return to the project. Work areas of potential concern have been identified.

“We understand that a flash alert will be issued and issued by the customer as soon as possible, confirming the details.

“Regional and national unit officers are requesting additional details from employers and clients. “

Work Continues At Hinkley Point C During The Coronavirus Pandemic
Work Continues At Hinkley Point C During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The French energy giant behind the multi-billion pound project, EDF, confirmed the news and said there was “no evidence of local infections caused by other workers”.

A spokesperson said, “Since the start of the pandemic, five members of the Hinkley Point C site team have tested positive for the coronavirus.

“This includes someone who has not been there for more than three weeks before feeling sick and who is very unlikely to be at risk.

“There is no evidence of infections on the spot caused by other workers.

“Investigations include contact tracing and monitoring the health of those who are or have been isolated. Hinkley Point C has put in place many measures to prevent the spread of infection on the site, including allowing social distancing, reducing the number and monitoring the health of all who enter the site. ”

Many workers on the construction site of Britain’s first nuclear power plant in decades have previously voiced concerns about the perceived lack of social distancing.

In response, social distancing measures were put in place around the site and its canteen and its workforce were reduced to less than 2,500.

Do you work at Hinkley Point C or Hinkley Point B? How was the working environment there during the coronavirus pandemic? Is there anything to fix?

Contact us with confidence: [email protected], tweet @JournoMikeT or call 07790590652.

Site workers who previously used local housing are now housed on both Hinkley Point C campuses.

Nigel Cann, director of delivery at Hinkley Point C, today released a community update on construction progress and reiterated the importance of health and safety among his staff.

Hinkley Point C is among the largest construction sites in Europe
Hinkley Point C is among the largest construction sites in Europe

He said: “At Hinkley Point C, our remaining workforce is now well suited to social distancing and the experience gained has helped us make a small and secure increase in staff to just under 2 500, even less than half of what it was at the start. of the year.

“Many people on the project continue to work remotely. It’s not just administrator roles.

“Complex technical tasks are now successfully accomplished at home – quality is maintained through rigorous checks and assurances.

“With fewer people on site, we have found that a lot of construction work can be done with social distancing, and we have worked hard to make it happen.

“For tasks that require closer work, we provide additional protective equipment. We have received excellent support from our local suppliers and I am glad they have been active in helping the community.

“For example, our catering provider Somerset Larder provided food for NHS workers and our accommodation provider HOST supported a local nursing home.

“Our own site team works with the Fareshare charity to distribute food to those in need across Somerset. “


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