Coronavirus epidemic in London has infected nearly FIVE Horror study predicted | United Kingdom | New


Speaking at today’s daily press conference, the Secretary of Health stressed that the United Kingdom is pressuring to develop testing capacity. According to the government’s antibody monitoring study, about 17% (1.5 million) of Londoners tested positive for COVID-19. He also added that about five percent or more elsewhere in the country had also tested positive for anti-coronavirus antibodies. Hancock also said that three other antibody tests were being evaluated for use in the UK.

After entering into an agreement with the Swiss company Roche and the American company Abbott Laboratories, more than 10 million tests will be supplied to the United Kingdom in the coming months.

These tests will begin to roll out from next week, with NHS staff being the first to receive them.

One of the crucial elements in the UK’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic is antibody testing.

The test will show who had the virus, although it is not yet clear whether, after recovering the virus, then gives you immunity.

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There are currently two types of antibody tests.

The second is by which is tested to see if they currently have the virus.

While announcing the survey and the agreement with Roche and Abbot Labs, Hancock also downplayed the importance of the government contacts search app.

The app is currently being tested on the Isle of Wight and was originally scheduled to be rolled out across the country by June 1.

In addition to revealing the government’s testing program, Hancok also confirmed the latest figures on UK coronaviruses.

According to the government, another 338 people died from the virus.

The total death toll in the UK is now 36,042.


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