Coronavirus cases would decrease if 80% of Americans wore masks, study finds


Americans have received conflicting information about the coronavirus pandemic, to the point that it became a joke. Face masks are one example: in March, the World Health Organization advised people not to wear masks if they are not sick or taking care of the sick.

But given that some coronavirus patients are asymptomatic, opinions on senior officials’ masks have changed. The CDC and the media now advise you to wear a damn mask. And a new study may provide more evidence that masks can help fight the epidemic.

According to this study, if 80% of Americans wore masks, coronavirus infections would drop, Vanity Fair reports. The title of the study makes the researchers’ point of view clear: universal masking is urgent in the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I felt it was pretty urgent,” said De Kai, an American computer scientist and chief architect of the study. Vanity Fair. De Kai was born in the United States to Chinese immigrants. “I saw the country where I grew up, where my family lives [now mostly in the Bay Area], about to face this pandemic without knowing much about something as simple as wearing a mask to protect yourself and others. “

Unlike the United States, masks are worn in everyday life in East Asia to fight pollution and other germs. Using complex models used by epidemiologists to track previous epidemics (such as Ebola and SARS), as well as artificial intelligence, De Kai and his team were able to model how the virus would reproduce if Americans put on masks en masse.

Without a mask, the researchers found a high level of infections in their model. While 100% of Americans wore masks, the model showed that the infection rate had dropped to zero. The goal, however, is 80 to 90 percent of people to wear masks. Otherwise, it will not be effective.

“If you go down to 30 or 40%, you get almost no [beneficial] effect at all, “De Kai told Vanity Fair.

So, in case Fauci and previous studies and everyone on social media shouting at you for a mask didn’t convince you, leave it.


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