Coronavirus breakthrough? Possible antibody cocktail could lead to COVID-19 cure, doctor says – CBS New York


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – There could be a huge breakthrough in finding a possible treatment to help fight the coronavirus.
Dr. Max Gomez reports on a cocktail of antibodies being created.

This potential breakthrough in treatment is based on antibodies, reported Gomez. Doctors know that most COVID-19 patients develop antibodies to the coronavirus that causes the disease.

The question has been whether these antibodies are what is called “neutralization”: do they prevent the virus from infecting cells?


Now San Diego-based Sorrento Therapeutic has announced that it has found an antibody in its large library of stored antibodies that appears to do just that.

Sorrento CEO Dr. Henry Ji says his antibody, STI-1499, has provided 100% inhibition of the SARS-COV-2 virus in preclinical tests. Dr. Ji went so far as to call it a cure.

In order to broaden the potential effectiveness of this type of treatment, Sorrento proposed a cocktail of three antibodies against COVID-19, attacking the virus at various weak points. To deepen this approach, Sorrento is teaming up on Mount Sinai in New York to access more than 15,000 antibodies extracted from COVID patients.

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If Sorrento obtains FDA approval for STI-1499, he says he can produce 200,000 doses per month and will work to make millions at risk, pending FDA approval.

We won’t know for sure until clinical trials prove it, which may not take long, but it could be the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for, Gomez reported.


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