Coronavirus: Avanti introduces social distancing measures in its trains


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Avanti West Coast

Rail travelers were advised not to show up without a ticket in advance and to wear a face cover when traveling on the main west coast line.

Avanti West Coast made the announcement as part of a new social distancing on its services between Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds.

Passengers may be denied travel if the directions are not followed.

The measures take effect on Monday and Avanti says it may not allow cars to be more than a quarter full.

“We are calling on our valued customers to help us and the other passengers by traveling only by reservation,” said Avanti West Coast general manager Phil Whittingham.

“If everyone does, we will be able to maintain social distance on board, both for our customers and our employees.

“If customers show up without a reservation, we will do our best to help, but we cannot guarantee that they will be able to take the train they want. “

For this reason, the train operator asks passengers to book in advance on the Avanti mobile app as much as possible, to avoid using the station facilities or handling money.

People should also check before traveling, in case their train times have changed.

Other measures introduced by Avanti include masks for staff and waiting rooms and lounges will be closed.

There will also be improved cleaning procedures on board trains and in stations, particularly focused on cleaning door knobs, handles, tables and all touch points, as well as equipment such as telephones, chip and pin machines, self-service cash machines and point-of-sale systems.

Stores on Voyager services, which travel between London and destinations like Blackpool, Shrewsbury, Birmingham, Edinburgh and North Wales, will be closed and no food and drink will be available.

Pendolino service stores will still be open, but reusable coffee cups will not be accepted.

Increase in rail services

A new timetable is being introduced as of Monday, in line with government-updated travel advice which will see train services increase to around 70% of the normal timetable.

During the coronavirus pandemic, only half of the normal rail service was in service.

Travel restrictions should be relaxed gradually – the government has suggested that working hours could be staggered to limit the number of passengers.

In England, those authorized to return to work have been advised not to use public transport if possible.

If maintained, the two-meter social distance measure would reduce train capacity by up to 90%.

A recent Transport Focus survey suggested that more than 60% of UK passengers would not feel comfortable using public transport unless social distancing is in place.

He revealed that 51% would not be satisfied unless passengers are required to wear masks.


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