Coronavirus: 16 other deaths recorded in Scotland



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According to official figures, 16 other people who tested positive for the coronavirus died in Scotland.

Deaths confirmed by Public Health Scotland now stand at 2,261 – although the actual number of deaths is known to be higher.

The latest data also indicates that 15,041 people tested positive for Covid-19 in Scotland, up 72 from Friday.

The number of hospitalized patients whose case is suspected or confirmed has increased to 1,305, without change for patients in intensive care. “

Coronavirus death in Scotland

Figures, published on the Scottish government’s website, also show that a total of 3,540 people have been discharged from hospital after receiving treatment since 5 March.

Death figures relate to cases where a laboratory confirmed Covid-19 within 28 days of death.

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Figures also showed that seven health workers and nine social workers died after contracting the virus.

The Scottish government has said it “cannot confirm how many of these workers have contracted Covid-19 as part of their work”.

Increase in nursing home cases

Nursing homes in Scotland reported an increase of 61 cases of Covid-19 compared to the previous day.

There are now 484 (45%) homes that have had at least one suspect case present among residents in the past 14 days.

A total of 5,593 cases were registered in nursing homes, 653 (60%) of which had filed at least one notification of suspicion of Covid-19 to the Nursing Inspectorate since the start of the epidemic, 481 reporting more of a case.

Cases by health boards

Greater Glasgow and Clyde continues to be the health council with the most confirmed cases (3,865) and had 379 people hospitalized at midnight.

There have been 2,649 cases in Lothian, including 162 in the hospital and 1,645 in Tayside, where there are only 13 people in the hospital.

Earlier this week, data released by National Records of Scotland (NRS) showed that the Covid-19 death rate in Scotland had dropped for the third consecutive week.


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