Coronation Street spoilers for next week – prostitutes, overwhelming evidence and wild revenge


It’s a week of dark revelations, overwhelming evidence and wild revenge on Coronation Street next week.

Abusive Geoff Metcalfe returns and does his best to cover his tracks, but cracks begin to appear in his carefully constructed facade…

Meanwhile, another resident finally returns home – but everything is very different, leaving his family in trouble.

And another youngster finds his voice after having found his strength thanks to a new friend.

Here’s what it will look like on the pavement next week…

Geoff caught in the act by his son Tim

Geoff will be caught in the act by his son Tim after he is found removing evidence which incriminates him in court.

The base radio DJ, played by Ian Bartholomew, will finally enter Yasmeen’s house after Alya Nazir changes the locks.

Geoff immediately strives to remove the evidence that will incriminate him

After the police have ordered Alya to hand over the keys to Geoff and he immediately begins to grab his laptop and locate the images of his last row with Yasmeen.

Geoff removes images from the row, but is interrupted by the sudden appearance of his son Tim.

Will he be forced to explain what he was doing?

Yasmeen plans to plead guilty

Alya is devastated after her grandmother Yasmeen told her that she plans to plead guilty despite the mounting evidence against Geoff.

Earlier in the week, Imran told Alya that he had examined Geoff’s accounts and discovered that he frequented a bar in town.

Yasmeen plans to plead not guilty on Coronation Street

When they tell Yasmeen about it, she reluctantly admits that Geoff used escorts.

At first, Alya is disgusted but is relieved that they have something concrete to use against Geoff in court.

However, she is devastated when Imran tells her that Yasmeen plans to plead guilty in court.

Friday, Alya visits Yasmeen in prison and her grandmother tells her that Geoff gave her an STI.

Alya is horrified and begs her grandmother to take Geoff to court.

Will she listen to Alya?

Sally fell ill after discovering Geoff’s dirty secret

Sally Metcalfe will be disgusted after Geoff admits to using prostitutes despite her marriage to Yasmeen.

After Alya is told by Yasmeen that Geoff has used escorts, she tells Sally what she has learned.

Sally disgusted after finding out that Geoff had sex with prostitutes

Tim’s wife confronts Geoff.

Realizing that the information will be published in court, Geoff admits that he spent the night with prostitutes after Yasmeen refused him sex.

Sally is disgusted by the confession, but Tim thinks they can use the information in court because it proves that Yasmeen had a motive …

Shona leaves David devastated by his decision

Shona decides to live with Roy when she finds it difficult to reconnect with her husband David when he returns to the cobblestones.

The former owner of the cafe will disappear on his return and while the Platts are looking for him, Roy finds her hidden outside the cafe and tells her to come back.

Shona is confused when she returns to the cobblestones

It is clear that she does not remember her former boss and when David finally finds her, he relives seeing her with Roy.

Roy invites her to move into his apartment and shows her around the apartment with Alice.

At the end of the week, Roy and David visit Shona at the rehabilitation center and she confirms that she wants to stay with Roy. A worried David fears he will never win his round.

Asha fights back against Corey

Dev tells Asha and Aadi that he will remove them from Weatherfield High and take them to a private school where no one knows the video.

But the financial pressure of the decision begins to paralyze Dev and he tells Cathy and Bernie that Aadi will now work two or three of their shifts at the kebab shop.

Asha responds to Corey for the way he treated her

Meanwhile, Nina discovers Asha in the Victoria Gardens at lunchtime.

Asha admits that she left her new school after seeing people laughing at her behind her back.

At the end of the week, Asha spots Corey with his comrades and takes the courage to join him.

She tears off a tape for the vile way he treated her, leaving Summer and Nina impressed.

Dev is also delighted to see his daughter seem to regain confidence.

As well…

  • Leanne returns home with Oliver but is determined to get by without the help of Steve and Nick
  • Imran becomes suspect after Kelly is Rick Neelan’s daughter

* Coronation Street is broadcast on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30 p.m. on ITV


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