Coronation Street could miss episodes before lockout by July


Coronation Street is rumored to be running out of episodes, and fans believe the soap may not last longer than July.

The long-standing ITV show was forced to stop production on March 23 as its cast and crew headed for the lockdown.

As a result, the series has already seen its weekly number of episodes reduced due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The fan site Eastieoaks has since speculated that the number of remaining episodes could be as little as 20.

If ITV continues to broadcast three episodes a week, it suggests that there will be no more content in just six weeks.

The striking soap joins a long list of popular British shows that weigh on the scales due to lock restrictions.

Fans fear the series will run out of episodes
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Although there are concerns about the number of episodes remaining, the return to the set might be just in time.

According to The Sun, ITV bosses are eager to get the cast back to work and filming is expected to resume in June.

“ITV is confident that it has found a solution to keep everyone safe,” a source told the publication.

End of February, the success of the ITV series

“Production resumes in June. “

“Emmerdale is used as a reference for safety guidelines because they have lots of space and is the perfect place to practice social distancing measures.

“Everyone will respect social distancing and the scenes will be filmed with smaller groups.

ITV bosses are keen to retrieve the cast – as long as its safe

ITV producers would work tirelessly to ensure that all staff are taken care of if they return to the set.

A representative recently told Mirror Online that protocols are in place to ensure the well-being of the team.

“The health and well-being of our employees and those who work with us has always been our top priority and remains so as we plan to restart production,” they said.

The future of a number of soaps is at stake

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Showbiz Editor Choices

“We are in the final stages of collaborating with other industry players on a return-to-production protocol and are in active talks with the government on this matter. We will share more news in due course. “

A representative from Coronation Street was contacted for comments.

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