Conor McGregor vows to “f ** butcher king” Justin Gaethje then calls Khabib Nurmagomedov “an embarrassment”


Conor McGregor is obviously ready to fight again after targeting the two lightweight champions after UFC 249 last Saturday.

The Irish superstar went on Twitter on Monday where he lambasted new acting champion Justin Gaethje as well as former opponent Khabib Nurmagomedov in a series of volatile messages.

After months of rumors of a potential fight between them, McGregor went wild over Gaethje after winning a fifth-round TKO to prevent Tony Ferguson from winning the interim title. Gaethje has called for a fight against McGregor for months, but the match never happened.

Now it looks like McGregor is ready to make it happen as he seeks to become a lightweight champion for the second time in his UFC career.

“Justin, there is no danger in a man who shakes his legs, we all know that,” said McGregor. “Try to dance around what the real threat here is whatever you want.

“I’m going to f * cking you butcher. Your teeth. I’m going to put them on a f * cking necklace. Talk about my skills as a father? You are f * cking dead. ”

In September 2019, Gaethje responded to a comment from McGregor on social media while calling him a “human sh * t, father and husband” and apparently the former two-division UFC champion has never forgotten about it.

McGregor’s tirade continued by declaring his intention to fight Gaethje later despite plans by the UFC to reserve him against Nurmagomedov in a title unification fight later this year.

“Never say you represent the great nation of the United States of America again,” McGregor told Gaethje. “No real American would say so much praise or allow a convicted member of a jihadist terrorist cell to represent them. Never forget! You are a blind f * cking madman, and I will finish the job.

“It’s me and Justin then because Khabib is the biggest bottle fighter in the game. Guarantee him. ”

Nurmagomedov also did not escape McGregor’s anger as he also castigated his former opponent, who was originally scheduled to participate in UFC 249 until travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic prevented him to travel to the United States.

“Khabib will embarrass you,” said McGregor. “Run, hide the rat as usual. As I have said many times. As has been seen several times. Through the glass, it has been confirmed what has always been known.

“No comments” lol. An embarrassment for real fights. “

Just before turning his attention to Gaethje and Nurmagomedov, McGregor also commented on Ferguson’s defeat last Saturday while playing matchmakers for the lightweight division.

“I love Tony. We have represented him incredibly in Paradigm sports and have been betrayed for a promise of a baseball contract, “said McGregor. “But the setting and the preparation here were just embarrassing. His methods and conversation are humorous / pleasant but he has never been at the perceived level. Although difficult.

“It’s Dustin [Poirier]/ Tony then when Tony heals. If he does. Dustin will also beat him if no changes are made. What they won’t have. Dustin, although play and in the mix, will again be fed to the ground. The couple wins here / there and then folds in half. Rinse and repeat – Dustin quarry. ”

After breaking into the top fighters in the lightweight division, McGregor then announced that once he had gone through all of them, he moved to a different weight category.

“After this division demolition job, it’s 170 pounds,” McGregor wrote, teasing a steady movement toward welterweight one day.

Although nothing has been confirmed for McGregor’s next fight, UFC President Dana White and his manager Audie Attar have set a summer date for his return to action. Obviously McGregor sees himself competing for the title, but it remains to be seen who will be his next opponent after a victory over Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in his last outing in January.


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