Comedian Tears Wrestling Fans, Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin Respond


On the podcast, Your mom’s house, comedian Tom Segura gave his advice to co-host Christina Pazsitzky on wrestling fans as the two discussed the subject of professional wrestling.

“So many guys love wrestling,” laughs Segura. “I think the fight is for f-ing ret-ds, but so many people love it. This is the stupidest f – ing s -, and I think you are a f – ing you say to yourself, “Hey man, this is not wrong! “That’s wrong, and you’re an idiot. These are not real fights, they are just stuntmen. And the fact that people say, “Man, have you seen The Undertaker ?! “It’s pathetic, you’re a pathetic person. “

Pazsitzky then talked about having to go to a live wrestling event once and admitted it was fun.

“Yes, just like the Special Olympics, it’s fun to get there, but it’s not a real competition,” said Segura.

Going back to the fans, Segura continued:

“They are completely retired,” said Segura. “If you are over 11 years old and you say to yourself:” Have you seen Smack down last night ?! ’… This is how the commercials should be for the fight -” WWE: it’s for a diminished capacity. This should be their label for wrestling. It’s not a real sport. “

Obviously, it didn’t go well with wrestling fans, and it even drew reactions from “King” Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler.

“What a stack of [poo emoji] Replied Corbin.

Ziggler wrote a long thought over what Segura said and offered to discuss the business at some point in the future.

“Hi Tom, a big fan of you and Christina P, for years. I am a former college wrestler turned professional wrestler and a lifelong wrestling fan. I have been with WWE for 15 years now and we are the epitome of sports entertainment. There are villains, heroes, undertakers, superheroes and everything else for children and adults from all walks of life.

“We are like any TV show, movie and even podcast, except that our risks are much more real (without Tom Cruise hanging on the outside of Elon Musk’s spacecraft). I am extremely proud of the incredible work that wrestlers continue to put in everyday and I am satisfied with our product (generally). I guess this is a comedic shot of someone having fun. If not, I am always ready to discuss professional wrestling in depth, anytime and anywhere. “

Segura replied so that Ziggler “come!” To his podcast.


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