Colorado Costco customer detonates employee after being forced to wear a mask


THORNTON, Colorado (KTRK) – A Costco worker refused to serve a customer on May 16 after the customer refused to comply with the company’s mask policy.The video shows an argument between the employee from Costco, Tison, and Garrett, a client. Garrett can be seen holding his camera phone in front of Tison, saying, “I’m just going to put you on my Instagram feed of 3,000 subscribers. “

In response, Tison looked directly at the camera and said, “Hi everyone, I work for Costco and ask this client to put on a mask because it is our company policy. Garrett was quick to respond.

“And I don’t do it because I woke up in a free country,” he said.

We can then see the Costco employee grab the customer’s cart and go with it.

Garrett also posted a selfie-style video on Reddit after the incident, which he then deleted, defending his decision not to wear a mask and referring to those who did so as “sheep”.

Garrett told Storyful that he had been isolated at home for two months and had no COVID-19. He said he thought it was unfair to require everyone to wear a mask.

“We have to move forward as a country,” he said.

A Twitter user who identified himself as a Costco employee in the video said, “People of Twitter, thank you for all the support. I was just trying to protect our employees and our members. “

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