Colby Covington says he would accept “unauthorized combat” with WWE champion Drew McIntyre


When you cover MMA, you must cover all the goods that accompany the sport, as well as all ills. One of those things (I won’t say which one) is to report what Colby Covington has to say. The extravagant welterweight contender has spent the past three years trying to anger almost everyone he opens his mouth to, and his last interview is pretty much on the mark.

This time however, Colby is trying to fight someone much, much bigger than him.

Earlier this year, Covington made noise about going to WWE one day and trying out his character in professional wrestling. As usual, he said cheeky things about it, and he managed to get the attention of WWE champion Drew McIntyre.

The 6’5, 265 pound wrestler spoke to ESPN a few months ago about Covington, and basically challenged him (transcribed by MMA Fighting):

“If he wants this unauthorized fight outside of WWE, I’m ready to fight him in a bar or something. There is a reason why there are different weight classes [in MMA]. I’m about 100 pounds heavier than the guy, I’m a foot heavier than the guy. I’m ready to have a real fight with him if he wants an unauthorized fight. This will put more eyes on the product, perfectly satisfied with me.

“I’m going to break his head, I’m going to silence him.” I’m going to break her jaw like [Kamaru] Usman did, and then more people watched WWE. So, Colby, I’m going to beat you. No titles, however, reserved for WWE superstars. ”

Covington, who is 5’11 and competes at 170 pounds, took the time to answer this question this week on the podcast What The Heck:

“The last time I was here, we were talking about Drew McIntyre. You signed a man’s death certificate. Now you’re going to have to put Drew McIntyre’s blood on your hands. Because now he talks like crazy over there like he wants to fight in an unauthorized fight. I’m not afraid of a fight, I like to fight. ”

He went on to say that he could compete in MMA while getting involved in professional wrestling:

The thing with WWE is that everyone thinks I’m just going to leave the UFC and go to WWE. No, I can do both at the same time. I’m still young, I’m 32, I’m not even at its peak yet. I’m getting better every day, I’m getting stronger every day, I’m doing cardio and everyone knows how good my cardio is. They call me “The Cardio King” for a reason.

“So I want to do both at the same time. I want to scream Drew McIntyre’s ass in an unauthorized fight, maybe in Saudi Arabia, maybe in his home country, Scotland. And I want to go scream the ass of “Marty Fakenewsman” and the ass of “Street Judas” Masvidal, and nothing changes. It will happen. ”

The chances of that happening are pretty slim, obviously. If it was, my money would be on McIntyre.


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