Coach claims Henry Cejudo could retire from retirement on condition


The news of Henry Cejudo’s retirement came like a flash of blue. In a situation where people expected him to call another legend, Cejudo once again surprised everyone. Even his trainer, Eric Albarracin, didn’t see him coming. However, he felt that something was wrong before the fight.

Henry Cejudo defeated former bantamweight champion Dominant Cruz via a TKO late in the third round. However, the decision came with its share of controversy. It could have been shown that the referee had taken the wrong call by intervening to stop the bout. Either way, “Triple C” thought he had won the fight.

Thereafter, the former Olympic champion must have thought that he had very little to do in his life. At 33, it seems that Cejudo can still give a lot more to the sport. The counter argument, however, is that he has competed in one form or another for more of his life than he has not.


Coach Eric believes it was this competition that could have had an impact on his mind and body.

Henry is No. 1 in all sports in which he has played for more than half of his life. That said, I still believe it is at its peak. I just think he’s better. It’s a dark moment when someone withdraws at its peak.

“I understand it, however. We ran into hell. I’ve been with him since 2004. He has succeeded, every goal we have set, he has accomplished it. He beat all the legends that they put before him,“Said coach Eric Albarracin

Coach reveals bigger contract could be incentive to bring Henry Cejudo back

Cejudo beat Marlon Moraes last year to capture his second UFC belt. After the victory, “Triple C” expected a substantial increase in his salary. However, that never worked. Many people think that Cejudo’s sudden decision to retire is due to the same thing.

Former UFC champion Michael Bisping tweeted that Cejudo’s announcement was more of an attempt to negotiate a contract with the UFC.

The best contract negotiation ever made ?

– michael (@bisping) May 10, 2020

Cejudo’s coach was also of the same mindset. Even he thought that a missing zero in front of his salary was what had warned Cejudo. Therefore, he decided not to return to the Octagon.

I know Henry. There was a little something this week. I didn’t know what it was. I was ready for him to call Jose Aldo, Alexander Volkanovski and Conor McGregor after the fight, and he said no, “ Cejudo’s coach said after the fight.

He hinted at Dana White what he could do if he planned to bring back the former double champion. “I think if Dana White were to add another zero to his salary, he’d be hard pressed not to come back, but maybe he just wants to move on,” he said.


Henry Cejudo’s contribution to the UFC goes beyond fighting inside the Octagon. He is the savior par excellence of the Flyweight division. Despite being grumpy, his antics drew much needed attention to the lighter weight classes at the UFC. If Cejudo believes he deserves to be paid at the same level as the best in the business, then he has the right.

Do you think Henry Cejudo’s retirement is an attempt to earn a higher salary in the future?

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