CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez was arrested while covering the Minneapolis protests live on Friday.


Minnesota Governor Tim Walz told CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker that he deeply apologizes for what happened and that he is working to immediately release the CNN team.

The crew, including correspondent Omar Jimenez, were handcuffed and detained while Jimenez reported live on a Minneapolis street shortly after 5 a.m. (6 a.m.).

Police informed the crew that they were being detained because they were ordered to move, and not that a CNN crew member was relayed over the network.

“A CNN reporter and his production team were arrested this morning in Minneapolis for doing their job despite their identification – a gross violation of their First Amendment rights. Minnesota authorities, including governor, must immediately release three CNN employees, “CNN said in a statement.
Officers approached the crew – which also included producer Bill Kirkos and photojournalist Leonel Mendez – as they prepared to arrest a protester behind them.

Jimenez could be seen holding his CNN badge during the report, identifying himself as a reporter and telling the officers that the crew would move where the officers needed them. An officer grabbed his arm while Jimenez spoke, then put handcuffs on him.

“We can go back where you want. We are live here. … Put us where you want. We are moving away from you – wherever you want us (we) to go your way, “said Jimenez before he was taken.

“We were going out of your way when you were going to the intersection,” said Jimenez.

After the CNN photographer was arrested, his camera was placed on the ground and continued to transmit live images.

Jimenez and the crew reported from the site, near a city police station, that demonstrators had burned and that officers had abandoned overnight. About a block away, a fire was burning in another four-story building that housed restaurants.

More than 100 state police in bulletproof vests and riot gear arrived shortly before 5 a.m. CT and aligned near the CNN crew area, near the East Lake Street compound.

For part of the time overnight – shortly after city police abandoned the burnt down neighborhood building – police were not in the area until the soldiers arrived on Friday morning, Jimenez reported. The four-story event and the restaurant building burned incessantly, and people threw things into the flames, said Jimenez.

Another CNN reporter was not arrested and “treated differently

Josh Campell of CNN, who was also in the area but not standing with the air crew, said he too had been approached by police, but was allowed to stay.

“I identified myself … they said,” Okay, you’re okay to be in the area, “said Campbell, who is white. “I was treated differently from (Jimenez). “

Jimenez is black and Latin.

Former Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey, CNN law enforcement analyst, said the arrest made no sense.

“The state police will have a lot to answer for this arrest here,” said Ramsey. “(Jimenez is) standing there … you can see his references. Just move it where you want to be. “

“They should have a zone (reserved for the media) and tell them to settle in this zone. “


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