Clip: Ferrell and McAdams in “EuroVision”


Music video Ferrell Mcadams in Eurovision

One of the biggest annual events in the world, the Eurovision Song Contest is famous for its mixture of celebration, raw talent, high camp and at times downright bizarre, as just over two dozen countries across the ‘Europe (and beyond) compete with different styles of songs (but especially pop), elaborate outfits and staging.

Now Netflix has released the first images of the comedy directed by Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga” which comes in the form of a video clip for the song “Volcano Man” with the pair in futuristic Viking warrior outfits singing across Icelandic panoramas.

The film serves both as satire and as a tribute to the event, and the song plays as one of the catchy songs partly techno, partly ballad but especially pop which often dominate the competition (which had to be canceled this year due to the Covid Pandemic19).

Ferrell and McAdams play in the film as two Icelandic singers who have the opportunity to represent their country at the competition. Pierce Brosnan, Demi Lovato, Dan Stevens and Natasia Demetriou also play the main role in the project which is now due to open on June 26.

For those who are still confused by what EuroVision is, John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” made a segment several years ago which explains it perfectly. Likewise, the contest itself managed to send itself lovingly in 2016 with a song spoofed in the meantime during this year’s event. The two clips are included below:


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