City of Calgary Still Awaiting Province Response While Reopening May Loom


The City of Calgary still has not answered questions about the possible reopening of some businesses, including whether or not it will happen in two days.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi says they still have no answers on questions such as whether friends can meet for a meal in a restaurant or whether health orders limit groups to physical cohorts only.

Nenshi said in a pandemic update on Tuesday that he thought shopping centers would be allowed to open, but it remains to be seen what rules will be applied.

One of the biggest questions, however, is whether the province really intends to lift some restrictions as early as Thursday.

“We are still looking for answers to some of these specific questions,” said Nenshi.

Different impacts across Alberta

Nenshi said Calgary remains a hotspot for infections in the province, but points to a decline in new cases and continued stabilization of hospitalizations in the area.

“The level of restrictions that works for Calgary should be the level of restrictions for the entire province,” he said.

Premier Jason Kenney has said it is likely that not all regions of the province will reopen in the same timeframe.

Nenshi said it is unclear when attractions like the zoo or heritage park could reopen, and those conversations continue. The city is currently examining whether it can provide summer camps safely and in accordance with provincial guidelines.


Calgary Emergency Management Agency chief Tom Sampson said there were 188 patrols over the weekend related to COVID-19 restrictions. He added that the police issued 66 warnings and a ticket.

He also said that four companies had received warnings not to apply the physical distance rules.

The skate park reopened last week.

“We are having difficulties with the number of visitors present,” he said.

“If you go to a skate park and there are a lot of people, we ask you to go to another site, maybe come back later or wait for your turn next. “

Sampson said it is up to the Calgarians to determine how quickly and to what extent the relaxation of restrictions takes place.

Rise of a recycling plant

The chief also spoke about the news of an epidemic at Cascades Recovery, a private company that processes recyclables from city blue bins.

He said there are now a total of 13 cases at the factory which employs 100 people. The service has not yet been impacted, but that could change.

Sampson said the company has responded to the epidemic and is working with Alberta Health Services.

“We have assessed this and found no risk to our staff who make drops in the facility,” he said.


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