Christian Cooper: Stop Threatening Death With Woman Who Called Cops Against Him


“I think his apologies are sincere,” Cooper told CNN’s Don Lemon on Tuesday evening. “I am not sure that in these excuses she recognizes that even if she is not or does not consider herself racist, this particular act was definitely racist. “

“And the fact that it was his recourse at the time – okay, it was a stressful situation, a sudden situation – you know, maybe a spectacularly poor moment of judgment. But she went there and had this racist act that she did. “

The woman, Amy Cooper, had said in previous comments to CNN that she wanted to “apologize publicly to everyone.” Lemon’s team invited the woman on Monday to appear on the show alongside Christian Cooper, but hadn’t heard from her on Tuesday night.

The two met met on Monday morning in New York’s Central Park while she was walking her dog. They are not related.

White woman who called police over black man watching birds in Central Park fired

They both told CNN that their interaction had started because his dog was not on a leash, which violated the rules of this region. Moments later, a video recorded by Christian Cooper shows the woman saying that she was going to call the police and “will tell them that an African American is threatening my life.”

She was dismissed the next day after being briefly placed on administrative leave.

“Following our internal review of the Central Park incident yesterday, we made the decision to terminate the employee involved, with immediate effect. We do not tolerate racism of any kind in Franklin Templeton, “the company said on Twitter on Tuesday.

” I am not racist. In no way did I want to harm this man, “said Amy Cooper in her previous apology, adding that it did not mean harm to the African American community either.

Central Park Showdown Sends Naughty Message

“Is she racist? I can’t answer that, “Christian Cooper told Lemon on Tuesday. “She alone can answer that. And I would probably submit the only way she will respond to this. How she behaves and, you know, how she chooses to think about it and examine it. “

He says he didn’t expect the video to explode the way it did. He said he hoped if the two of them went to Lemon’s show together on Tuesday it would help bring something together “Fairly large snowball. “

He says he recognizes that she probably also received a significant number of messages, like him, but urged those who reached out to stay civil.

“I have been told that there have been death threats, which is completely inappropriate and heinous and should stop immediately,” said Christian Cooper.

“I find it strange that people who were upset that … she tried to kill the police with a cop on my head, then turned around and tried to put death threats on her head. Where is the logic in all this? ” he said. “Where does it make sense?” “


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