Chrissy Teigen Shared Miles doesn’t (yet) love her bearded dragon pet


Chrissy Teigen wanted to give her son Miles a second birthday present that he will always remember, but things did not go as planned. In Chrissy Teigen’s second birthday ticket for Miles, the Cravings The author has revealed that the toddler doesn’t really like the bearded baby dragon she received for her birthday, but it looks like she hopes he will grow up loving his new pet.

Teigen introduced her social media followers to the company lizard on May 13, revealing on Twitter that she and her husband John Legend wanted him to be a gift for Miles’ big day. (Their daughter, Luna, also has her own pet: a hamster named peanut butter.) “I am now a proud owner of a bearded dragon!” ” Teigen wrote on Twitter. “He’s very small right now – I got him for Miles’ birthday but I know we will share a lifetime of happiness and hugs (well his life) (maybe mine at this stress rate ). “

While intending to let Miles name her new pet, Teigen revealed on Twitter on May 16 that the bearded dragon had been named Sebastian, at the request of Luna and Teigen’s mother. However, not everyone in the family is a big fan of Sebastian; Teigen later posted a photo of Miles posing next to a panel full of facts about the 2-year-old who revealed that he ” [doesn’t] like my new bearded dragon (again) “alongside a scowl.

However, the Teigen-Stephens family did not leave Miles’ reaction to his new pet mitigate the festivities, as the cookbook author shared videos of the Sesame Streetthemed birthday party that they threw on her Instagram story. In addition to personalized cupcakes – who featured toppers with photos of Miles hanging out with Cookie Monster and Big Bird – the birthday boy enjoyed chocolate cake and fried chicken sandwiches in the backyard.

“Happy birthday to the boy who gives so much life to our home,” Teigen wrote on Twitter to celebrate Miles’ big day. “You’re bonkers, my tiny, fearless love bug, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I melt every time I look at your cheeky little face. I love you, happy TWO! On his own Instagram account, Legend shared an equally proud birthday tribute, writing that “Our little guy is 2 years old today.” Happy birthday, Miles! “

While Miles’ second birthday party might be a little more discreet than his first bear-themed birthday party last year, it looks like Teigen and Legend are doing their best to make the big days of their memorable children during their forties. On April 14, the singer shared a photo of Luna, dressed as a Disney princess, from her 4th birthday, which was also thrown home. “Luna is having her best birthday life. Mom decorated, ”Legend wrote on Instagram.

He continued, “No preschool friend could come, but they sent video messages and she was thrilled. Good memories for her during this strange period. “Thanks for adding his new pet Sebastian and all of his favorites Sesame Street characters, it seems Miles is full of happy birthday memories.


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