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The Chinese government would be open to some sort of review of the coronavirus pandemic, according to its ambassador to Canada.

But Cong Peiwu says it should be “inclusive” and run by the World Health Organization, which was criticized during the crisis because it fears too much Chinese influence.

Trudeau Says The World Has Questions “Particularly” For China About The Origin Of COVID-19

“China, we also support the establishment of a review committee by WHO, but this should be done in an open and transparent and timely manner,” said Cong Peiwu in an interview with The West BlockIs Mercedes Stephenson.

“We think other countries should focus on fighting COVID-19. However, I think for this type of criticism it should be inclusive. It should respond to the global response to COVID-19 and for us we have taken the toughest and most comprehensive measures in the fight against the disease and we are making great progress in this regard. “

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China accuses Australia of “little tricks” on calls for coronavirus investigation

He then turned to attack the way the United States handled the pandemic.

“But if you can see with the United States, it wasted the precious time they had gotten from China because we had issued [an] early warning from the start, ”he said.

“As of January 3, we had regularly updated the United States and WHO and other countries, but after that, the United States issued a travel warning to Wuhan, but after that, I did not don’t think it did anything very effectively to control the virus.

Coronavirus outbreak: Trump says he expects the virus “to go” in April as “the heat in”

Coronavirus outbreak: Trump says he expects the virus “to go” in April as “the heat in”

President Donald Trump has faced much criticism for initially rejecting the threat of the virus and opposing large-scale social closures aimed at limiting the spread among citizens.

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He also pinned the blame for the pandemic on China and threatened to end American relations with them, while arguing that the virus could have come from a virology laboratory located in Wuhan, which was the epicenter of the spread. virus in China.

Trump ponders end of “whole relationship” with China in COVID-19 pandemic

Cong was asked where he believed the virus originated, including whether he had been able to escape from this laboratory.

“This is a very serious question that scientists must answer,” he said.

“All the available evidence now suggests that the virus itself is not created by humans, it comes from nature. And for us, we think we should let the scientists answer the question rather than hearing from certain politicians. “

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Here’s what we know if China twisted the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic

However, China has also threatened retaliation against countries like Australia who called for an investigation into the origins of the pandemic.

Much of the criticism of the Chinese response has focused on evidence that it muzzled scientists and doctors who tried to sound the alarm about a new disease at the start of the epidemic.

US media also reported that US intelligence officials believed Chinese data provided to the World Health Organization was “intentionally incomplete” and that the epidemic actually started in the fall, months before China did not officially report the diseases on December 31.

Coronavirus outbreak: Trudeau says the world has questions “especially” to China about the origin of COVID-19

Coronavirus outbreak: Trudeau says the world has questions “especially” to China about the origin of COVID-19

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said earlier in the week that the world would have “particularly” questions for China about how the pandemic started and how the response went.

But Canadian officials have stopped asking for an investigation to find out whether China had concealed the first indications of the epidemic, which critics say could have saved the world’s time.

When asked why the government had not asked for a formal investigation, Trudeau repeatedly said that he had a responsibility to protect Canadians and ensure they had the equipment they needed to fight them. the virus.

United Front Groups in Canada Help Beijing Store Security Supplies for Coronaviruses

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Much of Canada’s imports of personal protective equipment such as face masks are currently coming from China, which, according to a Global News survey, had used the United Front group linked to the Chinese regime to corner the world market for equipment. medical in January.

The report also revealed that United Front agents harassed and intimidated Chinese Canadians on Canadian soil for their criticism of the regime.

Chinese Canadians Suffer in Silence as the United Front of China Enters Canada

Cong denied knowledge of any such efforts or any connection between the agents and the Chinese government.

“We have never engaged in anything like interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. This is not our tradition, “he said before reporting on an increase in violence against Asian Canadians.

“So, sir, you deny that your government was involved in any way in the intimidation of Chinese Canadian citizens who live here in Canada?” Insisted Stephenson.

“I said there was clearly nothing like it,” said Cong.

“We don’t interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, so nothing like this happens here in Canada. “

Trudeau asked about reports of Chinese government pressure on Chinese-Canadian citizens

Trudeau asked about reports of Chinese government pressure on Chinese-Canadian citizens

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