China opposes latest US rules against Huawei


A logo is pictured on a Huawei NetEngine 8000 smart metro router at a 5G event in London on February 20, 2020.


China’s Commerce Ministry said on Sunday that it is firmly opposed to the latest US rules against Huawei and will take all necessary measures to protect the rights and interests of Chinese companies.

The ministry said in a statement that it urged the United States to immediately stop the evil deeds.

Friday, Trump administration decided to block global chip supply from blacklisted telecommunications equipment company Huawei Technologies, raising fears of Chinese retaliation and hammering shares in US chipmaking equipment producers . The new rule went into effect on Friday but would have a 120-day grace period.

The Chinese state newspaper Global Times, citing an unidentified source, said that Beijing, in response to the new limits imposed on Huawei, was ready to place US companies on a “list of unreliable entities” as part of the countermeasures.

These countermeasures include the launching of investigations and the imposition of restrictions on American companies such as Apple Inc, Cisco Systems Inc and Qualcomm Inc.

“The United States has used national power and used the so-called national security issue as an excuse, and abused export controls to continue to suppress companies in other countries,” said the Chinese Ministry of Commerce in today’s release.


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