Chilean suspect in murder of Japanese woman to be extradited to France


Chile’s highest court has definitively approved a French request to extradite a man suspected of having killed a Japanese woman in France four years ago.

French authorities suspect Nicolas Zepeda Contreras, 29, of having murdered Narumi Kurosaki, an exchange student from Tsukuba University in Ibaraki Prefecture, whose whereabouts are unknown since she had dinner with Zepeda and that she returned with him to his university dormitory in Besançon, in eastern France, on December 12. 4, 2016. She was 21 years old.

In rendering the final decision granting the extradition request, the Chilean Supreme Court said on Monday that there was sufficient evidence against Zepeda to proceed with a trial.

Chilean prosecutors said they informed France of the decision and are now preparing to extradite Zepeda. Transfers usually take around two months, but in this case, they could be delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.

“I am very satisfied with this decision,” said a French media quoting a prosecutor. “This will now allow a trial with the suspect present. “

Shortly after Kurosaki’s disappearance, Zepeda returned to his native Chile. Kurosaki’s body was not found and Zepeda denied having killed her.

The Supreme Court had already ruled in April that Zepeda could be extradited, but he appealed.

His legal team argued that a murder case could not be established without the body of the victim.

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