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Children in England can return to school before the government’s coronavirus contact tracing application is rolled out across the country, Labor and Pensions Secretary Thérèse Coffey confirmed.

The application, which was due to be released in mid-May after his trial on the Isle of Wight, is now expected in the “weeks to come,” said the minister.

“I am not aware that this has been defined as a necessary condition for the gradual reopening of primary schools,” she told BBC Breakfast.

“I think it is better for the application to be as good as possible, rather than rushing an application and changing it.

“It is therefore important that this trial, this pilot in the Isle of Wight, be allowed to take place over the full length that is required, rather than perhaps the deadline set by the Secretary of Health. “

The government has recruited 21,000 contact tracers as part of its testing, tracking and tracing strategy, and Health Secretary Matt Hancock previously committed to having the NHS app ready for the rest of England in the middle of this month.

The reception for grades one and six is ​​scheduled to return to smaller classrooms in schools on June 1, which has raised serious concerns among teachers’ unions over staff safety.

The minister stated that the application is only one element of the tracking system that the government is developing when it was suggested on Radio 4’s Today program that it might be necessary to give people the confidence to go back to work and school.

“As far as the app is concerned, it’s fair to say that we have announced that we will be releasing this as soon as possible, but it’s important for the app – and it’s just part of the follow-up – c ‘We make sure we get it right,’ she said.

The £ 625 NHS supplement that migrant workers outside the European Economic Area have to pay, even if they work for the NHS and are paid in addition to visa fees, is in principle correct, Coffey told Sky News .

There have been criticisms that foreign healthcare workers helping with the coronavirus epidemic are still facing the burden, which drops from £ 400 to £ 625 this fall. Doctors, nurses and paramedics have been granted a one-year government exemption.

“The health supplement is for anyone outside the UK coming to the UK to live and work to contribute to the NHS and no matter what profession you engage in,” she told Sky News.


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