Chaos in France: Macron forced to deny rumors of a breakup with the PM about the coronavirus crisis | World | New


With nearly 26,000 coronavirus-related deaths, France is the fifth most affected country in the world in terms of death, behind the United States, Great Britain, Italy and Spain. Macron said at a cabinet meeting that reports that he had opposed Edouard Philippe over the lockout exit strategy were false, insisting that their relationship was based on ” mutual respect ”and“ absolute trust ”. The young centrist’s confidence in his Conservative Prime Minister is “even greater in this time of crisis,” said a presidential source.

Philippe also broke down rumors of an argument over the epidemic, telling a reporter later today that he and Macron had a “casual” relationship based on “trust.”

“The president has confidence in his Prime Minister. He is demanding with him, but from day one. They have their differences, but nothing substantial, “a member of Macron’s entourage told BFM TV.

Confidence in the centrist government has declined in recent weeks, not least due to a painful shortage of masks and test kits amid a surge in demand.

The Macron administration has been sharply criticized by medical specialists and opposition politicians for its about-face on the value of masks in protecting against coronavirus infections and on the advisability of making the wearing of public masks compulsory. .

Macron, however, promised that France would be able to test anyone with symptoms of coronavirus and give non-surgical masks to the general public from next week.

France confirmed on Thursday its intention to start easing its restrictions on coronaviruses from next Monday, after Philippe said that sufficient progress had been made to fight the disease and help hospitals out of the closure on tip-toes.

Beginning on May 11, schools will gradually reopen and businesses will be free to resume operations after the country’s 67 million residents have been subject to strict residence orders since mid-March.

Cafes and restaurants could reopen from early June if the infection rate remains low.

People will no longer need to carry a form to go out, but papers will be required for trips beyond 100 km (62 miles), which will only be allowed for business, funeral or sick care .

Travel restrictions with Schengen countries without passports in Europe will remain in place until June 15 at least, while restrictions for travelers outside the EU block will be lifted “when the health situation will allow “.

Philippe warned that the government would not “rule out” a further lockdown if the rate of viral infection soared.

The number of people dying from a coronavirus infection increased from 178 to 25,987 on Thursday evening, the lowest rate of increase in four days.

France is the fifth most affected country in the world in terms of death, behind the United States, Great Britain, Italy and Spain.

But the health ministry said the number of people in intensive care units had dropped from 186 to 2,961, falling below 3,000 for the first time since March 25.

The number of people hospitalized for the virus also fell to 23,208 from 23,983, continuing an uninterrupted drop of three weeks.

After a jump of more than 4,000 new confirmed hospital cases reported on Wednesday, the increase slowed significantly to 629, for a total of 137,779.


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