Celtic title top set to score nine straight as Dave Cormack denies Aberdeen minutes botch


Scotland’s top flight clubs will host an emergency summit with SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster as they prepare to approve an historic decision to hand the league title to Celtic.

Sport Record understands that the videoconference was scheduled for Friday afternoon after Hampden’s best brass players received written confirmation that all Premiership clubs, including the Rangers, have agreed not to oppose the end of the season without that all matches are played until the end.

We revealed on Wednesday evening that the unanimous decision had in fact been made last Friday during crisis talks between the top 12 and newly promoted Dundee United.

But now that the minutes of these talks have been delivered to Doncaster, the governing body of the league is finally ready to confirm that the 2019/20 campaign cannot be completed in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. .

The discussions on Friday are the last step before the official closing of the season.


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After 81% of clubs voted through the controversial series of SPFL emergency measures proposals during the Good Friday disagreement, it was agreed that no final decision to end the flying season for point would not be taken before Doncaster had consulted the 12 clubs.

And, now that Aberdeen has confirmed that none of them intends to fight the closure, it is expected that an agreement will be ratified before the end of the day.

With some cash-strapped clubs looking more and more desperately for a £ 7.5 million end-of-season price bracket, the FBCL could now be called upon to act urgently.

A source said: “Assuming there is no late change of heart from the best flight clubs, it is possible that an official announcement can be made as early as Friday evening.

“But it is probably more likely that an agreement will be reached around the table and the final decision to crown the Celtic champions and relegate Hearts will be announced by the FBCL early next week. “

The news came shortly after Aberdeen’s angry president Dave Cormack insisted that his club had not botched last Friday’s meeting minutes which actually delivered the title to Celtic.

We explained on Thursday how the Donors, who hosted the videoconference, had to change the wording of the crucial minutes Tuesday morning after receiving a complaint that the critical decision had not been properly recorded.

Cormack confirmed all of this in a sneaky letter to the other clubs while repeatedly insisting that the original written record of the discussions had been clearly marked as a “draft”.

Cormack wrote: “Steven Gunn (AFC football director) has toured each of the clubs. All clubs agreed that if the league was called by the FBCL, taking into account the latest advice from government and doctors, etc., the clubs would not oppose this course of action. “

In a separate section titled “Draft Minutes,” Cormack confirmed that on Tuesday morning Celtic and Hamilton raised the issue of poorly written minutes, arguing that it was misleading to suggest that “consensus” had been reached. been achieved when in fact the decision had been unanimous.

Cormack continued, “I repeat, it was a draft minutes.

“Kevin MacIver (AFC finance director) released them on Sunday, May 10 at 1:58 p.m., asking for comments.

“No comments were received by any club until Tuesday when Michael Nicholson (at 10:00 am) and Les (at 10:07 am) sent emails.

“The two asked for the same modification, in a word, to the draft minutes to say” unanimity “and not” consensus “.

“This change was made immediately, no doubt, and returned to all clubs, removing the word DRAFT. “


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