Celebrities join national events


Photo: Randy Shropshire (Getty Images for the celebration of black cinema)

Last night, the streets of cities across the country were filled with protesters who gathered to protest the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25 (as police officers apparently driven vehicles in crowds of them), and although a number of celebrities used their social media platforms to speak out against racial injustice and police brutality, others joined the protests to lend their voices or document what they saw. As reported by Variety, Unsafe Actor Kendrick Sampson attended a demonstration in Los Angeles on Saturday and could be seen in the background of a CNN shot struck by a police officer with a baton. He also explained in an Instagram video that he had attended a “peaceful” and “powerful” rally and that he intended to return home afterwards, but when he saw that the police – in full riot gear , based on the videos – was starting to get more aggressive, he chose to stay.

He says he was shot by four rubber bullets, How to get away with murder actor Matt McGorry, who posted a video of him shot by the LAPD on Instagram with “a projectile” (as he describes it). Billboard compiled videos of other protests, including Nick Cannon in Minneapolis with a shirt saying “Please, I can’t breathe” written on it – George Floyd’s last words, as seen in the widely released video showing a cop pinning him to the ground with his knee on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes.

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In Chicago, John Cusack spent the last night documenting how the police in his city – who instituted a curfew and then quickly lifted bridges over the Chicago River, blocking many protesters, managed its own protesters. He posted a video on Twitter in which you can hear an officer yelling at him to move, followed by a series of blows, which he claims were from the cop hitting his bike with a baton. (Obviously, a bike hit with a baton is not a big deal, but we include this to illustrate how it was treated versus how the others were treated.)


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