Catherine Tyldesley “Should Replace Holly Willoughby on Celebrity Juice”


Catherine Tyldesley could trade the cobblestones for a team captain’s hat as reports suggest she will replace Holly Willoughby on Celebrity Juice.

The former 36-year-old Coronation Street star is in the running to be the new permanent member of the ITV late-night quiz – led by Keith Lemon actor Leigh Francis, 47.

Celebrity Juice is looking for a new star to join the panel after Holly, 39, shocked fans earlier this month by announcing that she left the series after 12 years of service.

According to The Sun on Sunday, Cath is one of the first to be the new star as she already has a close friendship with Leigh – and has the right kind of image to fill the Willoughby-shaped hole left on the show.

Catherine Tyldesley Tops To Replace Holly Willoughby On Celebrity Juice

A source in the show told The Sun, “Cath is great fun, naturally lively and witty, and already has chemistry with Keith because they are friends.

“She also has a girlish call next to it, much like Holly. “

They added, “The producers have a short list of about eight stars, and Cath is fine. For her part, she told her friends that she would be ready. “

Cath already has a friendship with Keith Lemon actor Leigh Francis

Celebrity Juice has been on the air since September 2008 – Holly, Leigh and Fearne Cotton forming the original programming.

Fearne, 38, left the series in 2018 and was replaced as team captain by Paddy McGuinness, 46.

While Holly confirmed that she was leaving the show earlier this month.

Holly Willoughby left Celebrity Juice after 12 years

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Posting a collage of photos from the show on Instagram, Holly wrote, “Thank you @celebjuiceofficial for 12 years of fantastic chaos … I can’t really believe what we did and how quickly that time has passed.

“Thank you all for watching, we’ve always had the loudest and best audiences. “

She added, “It’s time for me to hand over my team captain seat to a lucky lucky person … anyone, know that you’re about to get one of the best TV jobs by working with one of the best comedies… @ keithlemon. ”


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