Carole Baskin of Tiger King breaks silence and says sanctuary may be forced to close


Tiger King star Carole Baskin said her business may be forced to close after the coronavirus pandemic when she breaks her silence.

The cat sanctuary owner refused to give interviews after the Netflix series’ worldwide success after rival Joe Exotic accused her of murdering her husband in the series, which she obviously denies.

But Carole was brought in to give her first interview by YouTube star Archie Manners and his joking buddy Josh Pieters.

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Archie convinced Carole that Jimmy Fallon wanted to interview her and used audio clips from old shows to construct questions so that she could believe she was really talking to the TV presenter.

She talked about how the sanctuary is facing the coronavirus shutdown, revealing that she had to fire half of her staff and had to work seven days a week.

Tiger King star Carole Baskin says business may be forced to close after coronavirus pandemic

Joe Exotic from Tiger King from Netflix

Carole explained, “My daughter and I always come to the sanctuary every day because we have to take care of all the big cats here.

“Unfortunately, due to the loss of tourism income, we have had to abandon about half of our staff and, fortunately, all of our animal care is provided by volunteers.

“The animals still get their daily care, but that means we all have to work twice to make sure that happens. “

Carole was stuffed by YouTube star Archie Manners (photo) and his joking buddy Josh Pieters

She admitted that the coronavirus pandemic could mean that they would never open again.

Carole continues: “I work seven days a week but I am a workaholic so I really like to do this job.

“After Covid-19, I just don’t know if we can tour again. “

Carole and her husband Don Lewis, missing

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Carole has avoided talking to the media since Tiger King made her Netflix debut while criticizing the series for exploring the theory that she murdered her husband.

To make him accept his interview, Archie pretended to be an employee of a production company and insisted that they only ask him questions about cats.

They sent him a Zoom link and told him that Jimmy would ask the questions over the phone so that it didn’t break their coverage.

Carole has not yet responded to the prank.


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