Carole Baskin now sells anti-coronavirus masks


Are you a cool cat or kitten? There is now a coronavirus mask for you.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that Big Cat Rescue founder Carole Baskin, prominently featured on Netflix’s “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness”, started selling face masks with her slogan often quoted on Saturday.

The double-layer tie masks have the words “Hey all cool cats and kittens” over a mustachioed feline smile. Viewers of the popular docu series know it’s Baskin’s slogan.

The masks cost $ 11 each and are printed in black or leopard. The masks are sold to raise funds to help big cats. Portions of the product also support first responders.

Big Cat Rescue is closed to the public due to the coronavirus epidemic. A message on said that animal rescue is losing $ 160,000 a month in touring revenue.

Big Cat Rescue and its founder have received a lot of attention since their appearance in “Tiger King”. The streaming series stars Joseph Maldonado-Passage, Oklahoma Zoo keeper, aka Joe Exotic. He was sentenced to 22 years in prison after killing five tigers and plotting for the murder of Baskin.

Baskin was bowled over by the way the show portrayed the tiger trade in captivity. “Tiger King” spent much of his time focusing on the feud between Baskin and Maldonado-Passage, which included accusations from him that Baskin was behind the disappearance of her ex-husband Don Lewis. Baskin denied this.


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