Caregiver worries about quarantine exemptions for healthcare workers


A caregiver is concerned that exemptions from quarantine rules for health workers returning from abroad may put vulnerable people at risk.

Caregiver, who works for Fraser Health, explains that when she recently returned from an Asian country, she was told at the airport to be isolated for 14 days due to the COVID-19 pandemic .

But after a week, she received a call from her manager asking her to return to work. And it was then that she learned that British Columbia health workers are not required to quarantine as long as most travelers.

“I said I thought it was a 14-day mandatory self-quarantine, otherwise I had to pay a fine and she said no, because I’m an essential worker, I’m exempt for that,” said the caregiver told CTV News. , asking that we not share her name for fear that she will lose her job.

She told her manager that she feared working with the elderly and other vulnerable people because her husband had developed a cough since his return. Although her condition was not serious, she did not know it at the time.

She says that her manager replied that she should isolate herself from her husband and child, but the worker says that it would be impossible since they live in the same house and have already spent the last week together at the House.

“They said to go back to work and make money. Well, that’s not about it, “she said, adding,” I know we are short of workers, but we also have our own duty not to spread the virus. “

Another caregiver from Fraser agrees.

“We were freaking out to know that … management will really do such a nasty thing,” said the healthcare worker. She also didn’t want to be identified.

Fraser Health’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Martin Lavoie, says that while it is unfortunate that the caregiver feels compelled, the rules have been followed.

“It is perfectly acceptable for health care professionals to come to work if they are asymptomatic during this 14 day period. Of course, we always ask them outside of work to quarantine themselves or watch the symptoms very carefully, but otherwise they can go to work, “he said.


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