Captain Tom Moore receives the Blue Peter badge


Captain Tom Moore and grandchildren Georgia (left) and Benji (right)

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Captain Tom Moore received the badge from his grandchildren Georgia (left) and Benji (right)

Captain Tom Moore received a prestigious Blue Peter badge in gold for collecting nearly £ 33 million for the NHS.

The badge is the highest honor in the show and famous recipients include the Queen, Sir David Attenborough and Mary Berry.

The war veteran completed 100 tours of his Bedfordshire garden before his 100th birthday last week, receiving donations from more than 1.5 million supporters.

Presenter Lindsey Russell described it as “a beacon of light.”

Capt Tom’s birthday on Thursday was marked by an RAF parade and a message from the Queen.

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Media captionCaptain Tom Moore celebrated his 100th birthday in style

He was also appointed honorary colonel by the 1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment, in which he served during the Second World War.

Only a handful of gold badges are presented each year by Blue Peter to exceptional people who are considered models, inspiring the children of the country.

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Ms. Russell was helped by Capt Tom’s grandchildren, Benji and Georgia, to surprise him with the badge and to comply with social distancing measures.

She said to him, “At Blue Peter, we think what you have accomplished and what you have done in the past two weeks is great, the money and the attention you have received.

“As Benji put it so well, during this period of darkness, you are such a beacon of light.

“On Blue Peter, our highest honor is the Blue Peter gold badge and this is something the Queen, among a few others, has achieved, so on behalf of Blue Peter and our wonderful audience, we would like to award our highest honor. “

Capt Tom replied, “It’s absolutely amazing, thank you very much. I am very proud to receive it because I have always been a big fan of Blue Peter – I remember the elephant, which is a few years ago now! “

The special episode of Blue Peter will air on May 7 on CBBC at 5:30 p.m. GMT and will be on BBC iPlayer.


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