Cansino COVID-19 vaccine shows encouraging results after phase 1 trials


Special: Battle against the new coronavirus
Chinese vaccine company Cansino Biologics says its phase 1 human trials have revealed that the company’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate has generated an immune response against Covid-19, and that there is sufficient evidence to encourage the pursuit of studies, a company statement said on Monday.

The vaccine, Ad5-nCoV, was approved for entry into phase one trials in March. It was jointly developed by Cansino and the Beijing Biotechnology Institute. It was the first vaccine candidate to enter phase two trials, which test low doses – 50 billion viral particles – and medium doses – 500 billion viral particles.

Cansino shares opened Monday at HK $ 239 per share, an increase of 8% from the close of the previous session.

The results of the phase one trials have been peer reviewed and published on The Lancet, and have shown that the side effects are mild to moderate, and that enzyme-linked antibodies can peak 28 days after vaccination.

To date, eight COVID-19 candidates have participated in clinical trials, three of which have been developed in China.

Moderna, Cansino’s US counterpart, is also conducting human trials for its candidate vaccine, but interpretation of the vaccine’s efficacy remains premature.

Cansino is also collaborating with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and is preparing to conduct its trials in Canada.


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