Canadian NHL teams offer various reimbursement options to members


The Canadian NHL teams have offered subscribers a discount or refund options in recognition that there will be no more 2019-2020 regular season games in front of fans in their respective buildings.

In the space of four days, from May 13 to 16, the seven teams contacted their subscription bases with options and, in some cases, deadlines for making a decision.

“It has become increasingly evident that not every possibility will include other games played this season in front of Bell MTS Place fans,” said the Winnipeg Jets in an email.

This admission may seem anticlimatic since leagues and teams around the world are playing in empty stadiums or trying to find a way to do so during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But season ticket money is fundamental to the business of an NHL team. Clubs are reluctant to part with it.

It is often paid in advance or partially paid.

Canadian teams offer refunds, but also push a number of incentives to allow them to keep the money.

Toronto Maple Leafs season ticket holders were asked to declare their money before Queen’s Day or a credit would be applied to their accounts.

Their Montreal Canadiens counterparts had to make a decision on Friday when the Vancouver Canucks’ deadline was March 12.

The Edmonton Oilers and Leafs had seven left, the Canucks six, the Ottawa Senators, the Canadiens and the Jets four.

A glimpse of what Canadian NHL teams offer based on emails sent to season ticket holders.

Calgary Flames (8 games)

The two credit options are: receive a food and beverage voucher for five percent of the credit or get three percent interest on the value of the credit from April 1 “until the date on which the 2020-21 regular season schedule is announced. ”

Edmonton Oilers (7 games)

If a credit is applied to the next season by June 1, there is a 5% discount on this money calculated from April 1 to October 1. If customers top up their account or pay the next season in full by June 1, the five percent is also applied to this amount.

Toronto Maple Leafs (7 games)

Those who did not request a refund before May 18 have had their credit applied to next season. The first payment on the 2020-2021 subscriptions was delayed from April 8 to June 8, with the possibility of applying the credit to it.

Vancouver Canucks (6 games)

Incentives not to ask for your money double your Rogers Arena food and beverage allowance to $ 400, no price increases on 2020-2021 subscriptions, credit as a deposit for the next season, payment flexibility and no payment plan fees. A credit or refund decision is open until June 3, after which a credit will be applied to next season.

Montreal Canadiens (4 games)

Taking the credit increases its value by half – $ 400 owed, that’s $ 600 for example – and freezes the price of renewal at 2019-2020 levels. The Canadiens’ seasonal seat owners were also offered flexible payment options, but had to decide on credit or reimbursement by Friday.

Ottawa Senators (4 games)

The Sens are slated to launch their renewal campaign on Monday, but have offered a season holder 25% off next season’s package in March. In a May 16 email, owner Eugene Melnyk wrote, “You won’t lose the value of the tickets you bought. We have received your refund request and are working to process your request as quickly as possible. ”

Winnipeg Jets (4 games)

The Jets will reduce next season’s renewal by 3% of the credit balance, accrued from March 12 until the first “pre or regular season home game at Bell MTS Place”.

This report from The Canadian Press was first published on May 23, 2020.


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