Canadian cities will not be selected as NHL hubs if players are to be quarantined in hotel rooms: league


The three Canadian cities preselected to host the NHL playoffs will be ignored by the league if players are forced to quarantine in their hotel rooms after arrival, said the NHL’s assistant commissioner.

Vancouver, Toronto and Edmonton are all considered by the league as it seeks to resume play in July. But NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said mandatory quarantine for incoming travelers could hinder the choice of these cities.

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“If, in fact, we cannot really find an interpretation of quarantine consistent with our players’ ability to travel and not be able to do strict quarantine in a hotel room, we will not be able to use Canadian cities as a hub city, “said Daly on Tuesday.

“We have to find a solution to this.”

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There are creative solutions that Canadian cities could offer, said Daly. The NHL could book an entire hotel and allow players to quarantine together while having the flexibility to use the amenities of the building.

BEFORE CHRIST. Prime Minister’s Conversation With Gary Bettman Regarding Vancouver As The NHL’s Hotspot

BEFORE CHRIST. Prime Minister’s Conversation With Gary Bettman Regarding Vancouver As The NHL’s Hotspot

Dr. Bonnie Henry, a provincial health worker in British Columbia, did not approve of possible creative ideas as she has not yet received an NHL plan.

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She said the province would not deviate from any of the existing rules, including mandatory 14-day self-isolation for anyone arriving in British Columbia from outside the country – not even for the NHL.

“We are not changing the rules in a way that would put what we have accomplished here in British Columbia. at risk. I haven’t seen a plan yet, “said Henry.

“I am happy to see what we can do, but we will not change the rules that would endanger anyone or reverse the good work we have done so far in British Columbia.”

BEFORE CHRIST. well placed to host games if NHL returns to end season: Premier

Prime Minister John Horgan met with both Daly and Commissioner Gary Bettman regarding the candidacy of the city center of Vancouver.

Horgan said he was thrilled that the Vancouver Canucks had made the playoffs in the modified format, and said that the Vancouver city center bid should be in accordance with existing rules.

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“I think Canadians will be happy to review the NHL, but we will have to do it in the best interests of the players and the communities in which they operate,” said Horgan.

“I am determined to support the Canucks in all of their endeavors, but we want to make sure the rules are the same for everyone. He’s a Canadian tenant. “

BEFORE CHRIST. Prime Minister chats with NHL Commissioner about Vancouver as “hockey hub”

BEFORE CHRIST. Prime Minister chats with NHL Commissioner about Vancouver as “hockey hub”

The strength of Vancouver’s bid as a hub city is based on the low transmission rates of COVID-19 compared to other NHL cities and its track record in hosting multi-team sporting events.

Sports Minister Lisa Beare is working with the Vancouver Canucks to coordinate the use of the Rogers Arena and possibly other arenas in Greater Vancouver and other parts of the province.

The NHL is looking for cities with adequate facilities, sufficient hotel space and a good history of COVID-19. BEFORE CHRIST. reported on Tuesday 11 new confirmed cases of the virus, continuing a trend of a low number of daily cases.

“If I brought my family from another part of North America or Europe, would I want to spend a summer in Edmonton, Toronto or Vancouver? I think Vancouver speaks for itself, “said Horgan.


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