Canada to implement national sick leave plan for second wave of coronavirus pandemic


“No one should have to choose between taking a sick day or being able to pay their bills. Just as no one should have to choose between staying at home with Covid-19 symptoms or being able to afford rent or groceries, “said Trudeau. at a press conference in Ottawa on Monday.

Canada reported more than 85,000 cases of coronavirus and 6,545 related deaths on Monday.

For those infected, sick leave is generally a provincial responsibility, which complicates the national effort.

Trudeau said it would be difficult to put in place the necessary mechanisms for a national paid sick leave program, but his government and the provinces are determined to try.

“When fall comes and the flu season begins, we don’t want people who develop sniffing to suddenly worry that even if they really shouldn’t be going to work, but they can’t afford not to not going to work and therefore the risk of contributing to a wave significantly, could be a real problem, “said Trudeau.

Canada’s top doctor reiterated his claim on Monday that a second wave of the virus may be worse than the first and urged public health officials to build capacity for testing, hospital beds and equipment. personal protection in order to prepare.

Canada-US border will remain closed to non-essential travel for at least another month

“I think you can never be too prepared and we just have to keep going with some of these capacity developments and that goes for lab tests too,” said Dr. Theresa Tam, Chief Public Health Officer of Canada at a press conference on Monday.

In hopes of managing the spread of the virus in the country, Trudeau announced last week that the border with the United States would continue to be closed until June 21 at least. Trudeau called the border, which has been closed since March 21, a clear point of “vulnerability” for Canada.

Banning international travelers and quarantining returning Canadians is the only thing that has helped Canada manage its first wave of coronavirus, said Tam.


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