Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s new weapon leak includes Vector SMG and Galil


A recent leak identifies several potential new weapons to come in Call of Duty Modern Warfare in Season 4 and beyond.

Prominent Call of Duty Leaker and Reddit player JeaneJWE is the original source of the weapons disclosed, and TheGamingRevolution then shared a gameplay video featuring Galil and Vector SMG in action. Apparently, some weapons that have not yet been released are already playable in Modern Warfare “using different modding techniques”.

None of these sources are sure when the new weapons will be added to the game, but it looks likely that Call of Duty Modern Warfare season 4 will launch with at least two of them. TGR and JeaneJWE say the most likely additions to season 4 are the Galil and the Vector, due to a phase-out process that makes the imminent release of other weapons less likely.

The Galil is described as being similar to the AK47, with roughly the same damage and control, and “average” statistics elsewhere. Meanwhile, the Vector SMG looks a little more exciting, apparently benefiting from the second highest shot rate in the game.

Other weapons that may come to Call of Duty Modern Warfare at some point in the future include the APC9, HKG28 and XM109. But again, both sources are less than certain if and when they will arrive.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare season 4 is slated to launch early next month, so luckily, we won’t be long to find out.

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