Calgary cafe, home lounge and garage kitchen shut down by health officials


Two other businesses operating in Calgary have been shut down by health officials for violating provincial COVID-19 rules.

The Purple Perk, a coffee shop in Mission and a home hair salon in Capitol Hill, were both shut down by Alberta health officials this week for violating a number of medical orders.

Purple Perk’s closure order indicates that officials have witnessed the company providing food services to customers.

“The customers were sitting on the patio of Purple Perk, drinking drinks from Purple Perk mugs. “

The order for the hair salon, operating at a home located at 1620 24 Ave N.W., said that a health inspector visited the home and discovered that the operator was providing hair care services.

Authorities say the two companies violated COVID-19 public health orders issued by Alberta’s chief medical officer of health.

AHS said the two companies must close their customers immediately and will not be allowed to reopen until the orders are canceled.

Food preparation in the Calgary garage

Health officials also closed a home-based business that did not have an appropriate food handling permit. To make matters worse, the inspectors discovered that the owners were preparing food in an unapproved kitchen in the garage.

“This is contrary to article 3, paragraph 2, of the food regulation, AR 31/2006, which stipulates that: subject to article 2, paragraph 2, and parts 3 and 5, no one may handle food, except in an approved food establishment, »the order reads.

The business owner, located at 52 Skyview Shores Cove NE, was instructed to immediately close the establishment, discard all food, remove all kitchen equipment and utensils from the garage, and obtain a food permit. valid.


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