Calgary-area workplaces hardest hit by COVID-19 outbreaks


While some Calgary companies are preparing to open after closing for several weeks to help slow the spread of COVID-19, figures released by Alberta Health shed light on the workplaces where the virus has suffered the most.

The epidemic at the High River meat processing plant in Cargill, with nearly 1,000 cases and two related deaths (one per employee), is by far the largest.

The epidemic at the High River meat processing plant in Cargill, with nearly 1,000 cases and two related deaths (one per employee), is by far the largest. (Graham Hughes / The Canadian Press)

But many other workplaces deemed essential and remained operational during the pandemic are also fighting epidemics.

The Alberta Department of Health has provided an updated list on Sunday of Calgary and surrounding workplaces affected by outbreaks:

  • Amazon Fulfillment Center, Balzac: 10 cases (7 recovered, 3 active).
  • Calgary APS, warehouse: 29 cases (11 recovered, 18 active).
  • Cargill, meat processing plant, near High River (staff and subcontractors): 952 cases (58 active, 893 recovered, 1 death).
  • Calgary refrigerated warehouse: 17 cases (5 active, 12 recovered).
  • Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Center: 5 cases (3 active, 2 recovered).
  • Harmony Beef, meat packaging facility, Rocky View County: 37 cases (16 active, 21 recovered).
  • Midtown Co-op, Calgary: 16 cases (12 recovered, 4 active).
  • Purolator, Calgary: 63 cases (including 26 recovered).
  • Canada Post, Calgary: 6 cases (2 active, 4 recovered).

A sign posted outside the Calgary Co-op Midtown location displays temporarily revised store hours. (Helen Pike / CBC)

Alberta Health has developed separate lists of health care facility outbreaks. The epidemic at the McKenzie Towne complex was the most serious, killing 21 people.

Here are the affected sites as of May 11.

Acute care facilities:

  • Foothills Medical Center, Calgary: 9 cases (all recovered).

Long-term care facilities:

  • AgeCare Walden Heights, Calgary.
  • Bethany Calgary, Calgary.
  • Bethany Riverview, Calgary.
  • Bow View Manor, Calgary.
  • Carewest Glenmore Park, Calgary.
  • Carewest Sarcee, Calgary.
  • Clifton Manor, Calgary.
  • Dr. Vernon Fanning Center, Carewest, Calgary.
  • High River Long-Term Care (at High River Hospital), High River.
  • Intercare Chinook Care Center, Calgary.
  • Mayfair Care Center, Calgary.
  • McKenzie Towne Continuing Care, Calgary.
  • Providence Care Center, Calgary.

A COVID-19 outbreak was confirmed at the McKenzie Towne Continuing Care Center on March 25, amid a global pandemic. (Jeff McIntosh / The Canadian Press)

Supportive living / home living:

  • Academy of Aging, Calgary.
  • AgeCare Seton, Calgary.
  • AgeCare Skypointe, Calgary.
  • Calgary Progressive Lifestyles Foundation, private residence, Calgary.
  • Evergreen Retirement Living by Rivera, Calgary.
  • Hillcrest Extendicare, Calgary.
  • Intercare Brentwood Care Center, Calgary.
  • McKenzie Towne Retirement Residence, Calgary.
  • Millrise Place, Calgary.
  • Monterey Seniors Village, Calgary.
  • Proverbium 3 Homes Inc., Calgary.
  • Seasons High River, High River.
  • Stafford Tudor Manor Foundation, Calgary.
  • The Journey Club, Calgary.
  • The Manor Village Varsity, Calgary.
  • United Active Living at Fish Creek, Calgary.
  • Wentworth Manor, The Residence, Calgary.

The province reports settlement-focused outbreaks when there are five or more cases. Outbreaks in continuing care facilities are reported when there are two or more cases.

As of May 14, certain businesses and facilities will be allowed to gradually resume operations, including:

  • Retail businesses, such as clothing, furniture and bookstores. All the sellers on the farmers’ markets will be able to function.
  • Hairdressing and hairdressing salon.
  • Museums and art galleries.
  • Daycare centers and extra-curricular daycare centers with occupancy limits.
  • Summer camps with occupancy limits. This could include summer courses.
  • Cafes and restaurants without bar service to reopen for public places at 50% capacity.

In Alberta, daycares are one of several types of businesses that can start operating on conditions on May 14. (Marina von Stackelberg / CBC)

The province reported its highest number of new cases in a week on Sunday afternoon, but remained below three figures with 96 new cases.

The Edmonton area has not reported any new cases.

According to the province, the latest death, a man in his 60s in the southern zone, is not linked to an epidemic in continuing care facilities.

This brings the provincial death toll from COVID-19 to 117.

Here is the regional distribution of cases on Sunday:
Calgary zoned: 4,244.
South zoned: 1.150.
Edmonton zoned: 509.
North zoned: 227.
Central zoned: 99.
Unknown: 24.


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