By defending Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson betrays the confidence of new Conservative voters


WWe tried to warn the Prime Minister. The independent said last weekend that Dominic Cummings would have to go on leave if Boris Johnson was to maintain the authority he needed to lift the nation out of the lockdown.

Instead, the Prime Minister defended him on Sunday and Mr. Cummings himself reported at length on Monday. Neither of the two attempts to justify and explain Mr. Cummings’ trip to the north of England cut much ice to the British, who remain largely of the view that Mr. Cummings broke the lock rules and that Mr. Johnson apply a double standard by keeping him in his position.

By this weekend, the headlines had (for the most part) changed, but not the public’s anger. As we report today from the “red wall” – the former Labor heart of North England and North Wales – voters who have shown their support for the Conservatives for the first time feel particularly disappointed .


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