BuzzFeed news to close in the UK and Australia


BuzzFeed is scheduled to stop producing news in the UK and Australia.

On Wednesday, the online media platform announced the decision, citing “economic and strategic reasons”.

The website said it is reducing its local news coverage in the two countries to focus on US production.

Twitter users responded to the news by paying tribute to the website and its “first class team”.

A BuzzFeed spokesperson said, “For economic and strategic reasons, we will focus on the news that is hitting the United States during this difficult time.

“Therefore, we will inform staff in the UK and Australia that we do not plan to cover local news in these countries.

“We will be consulting with employees on our plans for leaves and layoffs in these regions.”

The spokesman added that the company will retain certain employees who cover “news with a global audience”, including social news and celebrities, in addition to the surveys.

Guardian columnist Owen Jones and Sophie Ridge of Sky News were among the journalists to applaud the workers at the store.

Jones tweeted, “Really devastating news for everyone who works at Buzzfeed, especially at a time like this.

“They did a really brilliant job of which they should be proud. Love and solidarity! “

And Ridge commented, “Really very sad news about Buzzfeed UK … there are a lot of exceptionally talented journalists out there. “

She also congratulated British site editor Alex Wickam for “putting him out of the park” and always being one of his “must reads”.

Meanwhile, Wickham posted his own message, saying, “Look at Twitter right now. Everything people say is true.

“So incredibly proud of the BuzzFeed UK team, which has gone so far beyond its weight and made truly incredible journalism.

“Take them – they are brilliant, you will not regret it. “

Her colleague, editor Alan White, was overwhelmed by the response.

He wrote, “Overwhelmed by what people have said about BuzzFeed UK News here tonight.

“Aside from scoops and big writing, I think these things are important. “

BuzzFeed, which launched in the United States in 2006, has attempted major expansion overseas in recent years, but has made some cuts thereafter.

Despite previous staff cuts, its London newsroom has become a center of excellence in British journalism, winning a number of major awards, including a Pulitzer Prize nomination for international reporting in 2018.

In December 2019, the organization received a notice from Companies House warning it would be dissolved in two months if it did not submit its financial data.

BuzzFeed UK later announced that it would deposit its accounts before the end of the year.


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