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Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel

Chancellor of Germany Angela MerkelHANNIBAL HANSCHKE / Getty Images

Two months after suspending play due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Bundesliga is preparing to resume its season at some point in May.

Per Amitai Winehouse from the Daily MailGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel has authorized the league to start playing games as early as May 15.

March 13, the Bundesliga ad he was suspending all matches until at least April 2 due to growing concerns about the pandemic. The league later extended this suspension until the end of April, the virus continued to spread across Europe.

By CNN Henrik Pettersson, Byron Manley and Sergio Hernandez, 167 239 in Germany confirmed diagnoses of COVID-19 are the sixth highest total of any country.

Despite, Billy Perrigo of Time noted on March 30 that the country’s death rate of 0.9 percent is among the lowest in the world. The reason speculated: generalized tests which allowed the country to identify the infected patients and to put them in quarantine.

When the Bundesliga season was suspended, nine weeks remained, with relegation matches due to start on May 21.

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